VOTE: Which is the sexiest building on Lancaster’s campus?

Could Bowland Tower be the ugliest and sexiest building?

In 2020, Lancaster students came together and voted on the ugliest building on campus. The honour of which Bowland Tower took the top place. The negative vibe of 2020 demanded the ugliest building voting, likewise, the more optimistic vibe of 2021 requires we bring to you the sexiest building of Lancaster University.

To keep the competition fair, we’re using the same standard rating system of aesthetics, surroundings, and vibes – if these categories can find the ugliest, they are certain to find us the sexiest.

The time is now to find the sexiest building on campus. Vote at the end so we can see which truly is the sexiest building on campus, as voted by you: the students.

Sports Centre

The general vibe of this building flutters between yey and ew depending on how athletic you are. Regardless, it has to be noted that the core of the Sports Centre is utmost appealing to the eye. The glass windows, the sleek design. Overall, chef’s kiss. However, the issue becomes the solid black extension that has been dumped onto the side. It doesn’t read as seamlessly as you would want for an effortless extension and ultimately drags the building away from its once sleek fame.

Aesthetic: 7/10

Surroundings: 8/10 (the greenery really helps here)

Vibes: 6/10 a polarising one

Round House

Not the most exciting building to look at with that brick exterior, however, a completely round building stood alone in front of County, now that’s interesting. Bold enough to be spotted and requiring all the attention of the outdoor area, the lacklustre colour of the building is made up by the top heavy design. Especially with the surrounding area having a nice greenery area as well as an open concrete part.

Aesthetic: 6/10 basic but bold

Surroundings: 6/10 nice greenery but County Main

Vibes: 8/10

Law School Lecture Theatre

Brand new to campus and making a statement. Black, yellow, and a wooden brown curve. This one arrived and came to serve for everyone down the North Spine. The biggest issue is the colour scheme, it’s definitely not the red of the Law school nor is it the brick look of Faraday. Some may say this is unique, I would say this is jarring, especially as next to the physics building’s artwork. The fit is peculiar to say the least.

Aesthetic: 7/10

Surroundings: 6/10 a bit misplaced

Vibes: 8/10 adding some necessary life

Postgraduate Statistics Centre

Let’s talk about this beauty for one hot second. A nice middle location in campus, surrounded by steps, Furness, and greenery. A hot spot for the ducks with a lovely water feature in front. Nicely transparent and showing the beauty of the levels inside. Possibly a little hidden until people come inwards and explore campus but otherwise, a hidden gem.

Aesthetic: 9/10

Surroundings: 9/10

Vibes: 9/10 (the DUCKS)

Management School

The management school has a couple different entrances. The most well known being the brown building leading into Charles Carter, ultimately it’s tall and noticeable, but easily a background feature; the second being the right turn at the roundabout. Here we have the consistent tall concrete style with window panels, methodically placed for the viewers pleasure, as well as having a richer brick colour combined with glass and black design, adding some really interesting elements here

Aesthetic: 8/10

Surroundings: 7/10 depending where you are

Vibes: 9/10 a nice complex area

George Fox

I would argue George Fox to be your typical uni building. Nice and long, a statement building that everyone knows, an individual enough design to stand out, a nice path to walk up to it, some seats, and grass. There’s a lot going for it. Granted it falls victim to the beige colour pallet but does this matter when there’s flare like balconies and lamp posts nearby? You decide.

Aesthetic: 9/10

Surroundings: 7/10

Vibes: 8/10

Computing and Communication Building

Glass exterior with highlights of orange. A sleek look, a complex appearance, this building is doing the least and the most all at the same time. I’m sure anyone who has trekked campus has seen the beauty of the walkway up to this building and marvelled at the people who go in, likewise, I’m sure there are the people who have never had to go to this end of campus just to look at the building. Although glamorous, very inconveniently placed. 

Aesthetic: 9/10

Surroundings: 7/10

Vibes: 7/10

Information System Service

Three words: Tall, dark, and handsome. This building is a presence on campus and hard to ignore, when you walk far enough out to witness the beauty. Shades of black and grey are revealed to you as you walk to the very end of the south spine. Surrounded by the nice greenery from the park, the herb garden, and the walk area in front of Pendle Rooms, this building is for our conventionalists.

Aesthetic: 7/10

Surroundings: 6/10

Vibes: 7/10

Engineering Building

Strong and stable is the best description here. Long concrete pillars, a dullish beige colour, some nice window features, the Engineering Building is doing a lot here. A staple to the south spine, surrounded by a smaller Alex Square Steps feature, this one is a modern looking build and for the minimalists of campus.

Aesthetic: 8/10

Surroundings: 6/10 the south spine 

Vibes: 7/10 (fun steps!)

Bowland Tower

Our ugliest building can also be the sexiest, right?  All that height, multiple floors, gorgeous sunsets behind it, you’re telling me you never looked up in awe at Bowland Tower? You’re a liar. A staple to campus with some of the wildest mysteries, everyone wants to go to the top floor.

Aesthetic: 9/10

Surroundings: 7/10

Vibes: 10/10 an absolute iconic place

Now it’s time for you to have your say. Vote blow for which building you think is rightfully the sexiest on campus.

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