Lancaster University announces plans for return to campus and exam timetables

Key practical students will return to campus on the 8th March

Lancaster Uni has released an email update as to when students can expect to return to campus, as well as new information on release dates for exam timetables.

Students should expect to return to campus after the Easter holidays if they aren’t on a practical course, or haven’t received email confirmation by Friday 26th February. New exam timetables should now be released by the 12th March. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Steve Bradley outlines these latest updates, and how they will affect students.

The email begins with a brief outline of what students can expect in regards to returning to campus. The email sates: “Students on some practical courses who urgently need to take part in practical teaching, access specialist facilities, or complete assessments may return from 8 March. At Lancaster, this affects only a small number of students on some LICA, biomedical and life sciences, physics and engineering programmes. If you fall into this category, your department will confirm plans with you by 12pm on Friday 26th February.

“For all other campus-based students, the Government stated that by the end of the Easter holidays it will have reviewed when you should return, and that it will provide universities and students with a week’s advance notice. That means we will now need to wait for that Government review before putting plans in place for the Summer term and outlining those arrangements for remaining students.

“For now, students should continue with online studies and, wherever possible, should not travel to access university facilities until face-to-face teaching resumes for your programme. There are some exceptions, however, for example, where you do not have access to appropriate alternative accommodation, facilities or study space, or you need to return for health or safety reasons. Advice for postgraduate researchers remains that you should work from home wherever possible.”

The university also commented on the delays to the expected release of exam timetables. Professor Steve Bradley stated: “The exam timetable was due to be released on 26 February. Further work needs to completed on this and so a new exam timetable will now be made available by 12 March.”

Professor Steve Bradley ends the email with a message of positivity, which states: “I know this latest news will disappoint many of you, adding a further delay to when you can return to campus and resume university life. But please be encouraged that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that we are heading towards a return to something closer to normality, with more activities and facilities set to be available as we work through the government’s plan. Thank you for your patience, and your continued efforts to keep those around you safe.”

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