Zero coronavirus cases reported in Lancaster students over the past week

Reports also show dropping rates of coronavirus in Lancashire

Over the past week, statistics from the university show zero reported cases of coronavirus in Lancaster students.

In the period between Monday 1st February to Sunday 7th February, there was a total of three student cases living on and off campus, as well as two reported staff members. Moving to the period between Monday 8th February and Sunday 14th February, there have been zero reported cases of covid in students on and off of campus, as well as there only being two reported cases to the university of staff being infected.

From a recent article by LancsLive, it has been reported that Lancashire is now seeing a drop in coronavirus rates, with four places being in the fewer than three cases category. Additionally, twenty-four other neighbourhoods having rates below 100 cases per 100,000 people (in the seven days up to February 10th). Moreover, in these seven days, Lancaster Central only had four cases.

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