Students confirmed to be at Lancaster warehouse party

‘Partying students climbed out of windows to escape being fined for breaching Covid rules, police have said’

According to an article published by the BBC News today, it has been confirmed that Lancaster students attended the illegal warehouse party this Saturday on St. George’s Quay.

BBC News’ article informs us that attention was drawn to the event “by a member of the public at about 01:30 GMT”, and Deputy Chief Constable Terry Woods believes there to have been “about 50 to 70 students”, but that he and the other officers were only able to catch 38, as many others “climbed out of windows” in order to avoid being fined for breaching Covid safety rules. In addition, according to Mr Woods, the flat owner is looking at a “substantially larger fine”.

BBC News were able to get a quote from the university, which responded by saying they had been made aware of “an incident off campus that constitutes a very serious breach of university and national Covid regulations”. A spokeswoman claimed that some students could be facing permanent exclusion in cases of “the most serious lockdown breaches”.

It was also stated by Mr Woods that the police are “really starting to clamp down” when it comes to Covid breaches and issuing fines.

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