Nominations for Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2021 now open

A new year, another competition

Since crowning Lancaster’s most notorious BNOC last year, Amy Merchant, there has been a void in the voting world. Enter the search for Lancaster’s hottest single 2021! It’s that time for the singles of lockdown to post their best selfies and get in with a chance of being named Lancaster’s hottest.

The competition will be brutal and strenuous, and only the best will survive. But to win, they have to appease you, our readership, as it is once again your voice that will decide who is the hottest. Is this person constantly on the pull, has the most Lancfessions written about them, or just the gorgeous one in your breakout room? We want to find them and give them the glory they deserve.

As this is a repeated contest, will you be joining the likes of Llew Charles and be named the hottest singleton at Lancaster University? A very prestige title of the most respect.

If you think you have what it takes, or if you think you know someone who has, nominate them down below for the chance to be voted the hottest single of Lancaster University. Please remember to answer all the questions for your nomination to count and that you have the approval of the person you’re nominating as we will be reaching out to them as the heats begin.

Don’t forget, this year’s competition falls over Valentine’s and has the exclusivity of a lockdown, meaning the challenges posed to our nominees will be harder than ever before.

Good luck and get nominating!