Here’s 19 no-detriment memes that every Lancaster student can relate to

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the 2020-21 academic year has been detrimental

It would be a lie to say that the start of 2021 has not been introduced at Lancaster uni without a bang. Almost like an episode of Black Mirror, students this year have been thrust into a world of not knowing what will happen next. National lockdown was enforced meaning for many there has been no return to Lancaster. In Lancaster the rent strike and online exams have been introduced, and with their hello, the hopes we had for the new year waved goodbye.

When looking at the amount we have had to deal with so far this year, perhaps the biggest emotional rollercoaster Lancaster students have been subjected to, is the ongoing whispers into the no-detriment policy. Is it happening or not? Are only some departments adopting it? As students we dream of a world that includes the no-detriment policy, the best way to manifest it? Memes. The more memes we throw into the universe means the more likely it is to get no-detriment, right? So, here are 19 no-detriment policy memes that every Lancaster student can relate to.

Oh, so no more free time

I think we can all relate to the existential dread we feel when we to take a moment to ourselves and the sudden realisation that not only do you have to teach yourself a degree, but you’re being marked on how well you do that.

We’re aboard the same sinking ship here

When thinking about how ridiculous it is that the university is considering not putting a no-detriment policy in place, just remember, we’re all going down on this ship.

There’s no way to escape the cycle

Don’t you just love when work is taking it’s toll on your mental health because everything relies solely on you, and you’re not able to take a break to acknowledge that as it will just make everything worse? Yeah, me neither.

Remember, your parents always had it harder in their day

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To those of you who weren’t able to return to university, the awareness of your parents always being there definitely takes it toll, especially when they constantly remind you how easy it is in comparison to when they were kids.

Can we not have one moment of understanding?

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Logging onto a Teams seminar takes its toll on your motivation in itself, but hearing that word, ‘however’, just makes everything so much worse. That singular word invalidates everything that we’re going through. So, thank you teachers for your considerable amount of understanding.

I relate to Doris on every level

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Finding motivation to do work at university is hard at the best of times, but when you throw in a global pandemic and a national lockdown, much like Doris’ salad, the motivation to write a dissertation can truly not be located.

Deadlines are the worst days

At Lancaster, we don’t have the privilege that Doris has in relation to work, unfortunately deadlines are there to be met, unless you want to sacrifice your first born child in exchange for an extension.

Our inner monologue is our own worst enemy

Throughout lockdown, my inner monologue has solely been this, the idea of doing any form of work is repulsive. I can barely figure out how to use Microsoft Teams let alone teach myself a full module on Ancient Rome.

*Sips tea*

I’d trade my soul for no detriment

The sheer desperation put forward here speaks for itself. I think we’re all at the point where we’re racking our brains for what we can give in exchange for a no-detriment policy.

I don’t understand how this is confusing

Every student at the moment has this mindset. Just because we have more free time doesn’t mean that valuable work is being done. I sit down, I try to do work and my brain goes: wrong.

Oh dear, oh dear. Gorgeous.

I know when we decided to move out and go to Lancaster University, the freedom of being an adult was one of the selling points. National lockdown does change some things and at this point all everyone needs is a hug and a no-detriment policy.

Procrastination has never been more evident

One advantage of this pandemic is the fact my room has never been tidier.

Envying the friends from home that didn’t go to university

Oh, you don’t have to teach yourself a degree, how nice for you, I’m fine, thanks for asking.

We’re in the Upside Down

Doing nothing but your deadlines and calling it uni.

What’s that sound?

Oh yes, that’s the sound of our youth swirling down the drain. It’s okay.

The first thing we think of when we wake up

Don’t you just love the feeling of your world coming crashing down on you when you wake up?

I’ve forgotten what braincells are

Say goodbye to braincells, they’re walking out the door with all your time.

When in doubt, listen to Troy

Lancaster should take a note from Troy, he didn’t get to be captain of the Wildcats because of his basketball skills, he also had a vision for the future.

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