Lancs students who need to return to uni due to personal circumstances can come back to campus

This includes a lack of alternative accommodation, family circumstances, a lack of study space and welfare

Following government advice to delay university students’ return to campus after the Christmas break, Lancaster University has advised most students not to come to campus until after the 25th of January.

The term will start on the 11th of January, and teaching will initially be online rather than face-to-face.

When should students return to campus?

Medical students were reassured that their returns will be as originally planned on Monday the fourth of January for most years, except for second-year medical students who will return the following week on the 11th of January. Additionally, social work students should contact their department for further information regarding an advised return date.

All other students have been asked not to return until further notice while schedules are revised for in-person teaching. The university hopes to provide more detailed advice before the end of the sixth of January.

Which students are exempt?

However, the campus will remain open to accommodate students who need to return due to personal circumstances such as a lack of alternative accommodation, family circumstances, a lack of study space and welfare.

Overseas students are strongly encouraged to delay their return to campus as much as possible without creating additional costs. Students with travel arrangements that cannot be changed should come to campus as they originally planned.

Students who have arranged to undergo online learning due to exceptional reasons or those on distance learning programmes were assured that this new return to campus does not affect their existing arrangements.

How will students get tested?

The university has guaranteed that mass testing will be available to all students. All campus-based students are expected to get tested before resuming in-person teaching and university life.

Tests can be booked pre-arrival. Campus testing will take place from the fourth of January in the Great Hall; tests will be self-administered using Lateral Flow Devices (LFD).

Students already in Lancaster or on campus should arrange the test on the week beginning the fourth of January. Additionally, if students have already books tests on campus before the 25th of January, they will no longer be returning for they should cancel them.

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