Quizmas Day 12: Plan a night out in Lancs and we’ll tell you what Christmas movie you are

Saying goodbye to Lancs? Relive its glory days and get in the festive mood


It’s the final day of quizmaz! Term is over, no more deadlines (just ignore the return to uni). What better time to be celebrating the end of this awful virtual year with an AMAZING virtual night out ? Plus, you get a recommendation for Christmas movie night to carry on the Lancs spirit at home.

People’s Christmas movie choices rarely come up, but they tell you so much about someone. No one worth talking to dislikes the Grinch, or those die-hards who say that Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie. Plus, nothing tells you more about someone than where they’d rather go on a night out in Lancs, if only we could go back to Grizedale bar for another round of 3 for £5 cocktails Don’t get me started on how much I miss Sugar.

2021 is right around the corner, so we better make what’s left of 2020 bearable, so take this quiz to find out what to watch in your hungover state, dreaming of Christmas in Lancs.




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