Quizmas Day 11: Which cancelled Lancs Christmas event would you attend?

We’re all missing the vibes of Christmas in town

The horrors of 2020 have struck again and this time its taken Christmas away from us. This is the time of year we should be inviting people to ice skate, walking through the pretty lights, going to the Christmas market- instead we’re just cold and upset walking home to sit down and celebrate in style on the sofa.

The joy of the Lancaster Christmas events can be felt by everyone, it brings a sense of community to the city and lets everyone feel like Christmas is truly here. There’s nothing more heartwarming than the laughs of everyone enjoying themselves, people snuggling up to a cup of something warm to stop their fingers freezing off and seeing the warm glow of a Christmas grotto. There is enough events for everyone to find something they enjoy, and enough for a good few flat nights that don’t involve the sugar bus as a ride home.

Are you as devastated as us that Christmas has been stolen  this year? Was this your first Christmas in lancs and now you’re having to wait to see what you’d enjoy ,most? Take this quiz to find out which cancelled Christmas event you would have been.



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