Quizmas day 10: Pack for uni and we’ll tell you which Christmas villain you are

Either way, all these villains will be getting coal in their stocking x

We’re so sad Quizmas is almost over. So sad in fact that we’ve turned to the dark side. We always talk about Santa and his elves, all the Reindeer and even Mother Clause. But what about the villains of Christmas? It’s only fair that they get a time to shine, Halloween isn’t the only time the baddies come out.

You can tell a lot about a person based on what they choose to bring to uni. Do you prioritise party clothes over weather-appropriate ones? How much room decor are you taking? How many fairy lights can one room hold? What’s the one item you can’t leave behind? What about kitchenware, are you prepared?

Villains are only people too, and if they had gone to university, what would they have packed? So let’s find out who your evil alter-ego really is by matching your uni packing habits with iconic Christmas bad guys.



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