Quizmas day nine: Which Christmas song are you based on your approach to deadlines?

Think every student leaves their deadlines to the last minute ngl

2020 has been a horrible year for everyone and thank god its nearly over. Deciding when to start putting decorations up and deciding when to actually start that assignment causes turmoil every single year. We could say that we don’t know which Christmas song gets us in the mood the most; a classic ‘Last Christmas’ or one of the more recent ones by the queen Ariana Grande ‘Santa Tell Me.’

The debate as to when to start assignments with deadlines looming (the night before for the majority of us) is a controversial one for everyone.  Are you one of them students who starts a few weeks in advance to ‘get it out of the way’ while procrastinating or a you someone who pulls an all-nighter in the library all set for the deadline the next day? You know that screams Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’, right?

Think you know which type of student you are? Take this quiz to find which Christmas song you are based on how you’re coping with your deadlines.


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