This townhouse photoshopped themselves onto the last supper for Christmas deco

’12 apostles, 12 people in a Townhouse, an empty wall. It just came together’

Decorating the flat for Christmas is one of the best parts of Michaelmas term. Usually, it consists of cheap tinsel and dragging your fairy lights from your room to sit in the kitchen for the rest of the year. For the more boujee of Lancaster students, you might actually all contribute to a tree and get someone’s mum to post some decorations to you. But for this County townhouse, decorating for Christmas meant taking an entire week to photoshop each member of their household onto the last supper.

The townhouse consists of 12 freshers; Jake, Beth, Joanna, Alex, Antonio, Ellie, James, Kayleigh, Rebecca, Tom, Wiktoria and the brains behind the operation, Aurelija.

From left to right: Beth, Antonio, James, Jake, Joanna and Aurelija

Jake told The Lancaster Tab that one of his housemates “procrastinated so hard to the point of taking an entire week to carefully photoshop each housemate’s face onto a different person in the last supper painting using a free trial”.

The house speculated that Aurelija “couldn’t bare to complete her accounting for business management so decided a cheeky bit of photoshopping would be the best use of her time.”

After Aurelija’s photoshop was completed, the team went to the library where they printed 36 sheets of A3 paper and then “like a fucking surgery” carefully stuck them together. Jake said: “It was more stressful than completing an essay at six am on the last cup of coffee.”

Aurelija said that she felt inspired to make the piece after she saw the surrounding townhouses were “pretty” and “refurbished”, but their townhouse wall in comparison seemed “very sad and empty.”

“One night after procrastinating all night I wanted to put some art in my room and came across the last supper. 12 apostles, 12 people in a Townhouse, an empty wall. It just came together.”

The piece took 40 hours to make, including photoshopping, £7 worth of printing and the jigsaw puzzle of sticking it all together. Jake also said “It took 40 hours to complete it because Auri is an absolute boomer when it comes to using photoshop and had no clue how to do it at the start, learning as she went along.”

The process of sticking the 36 pages together was a plan of genius: “We stuck it together on the front with tape, then turned it over and overlapped the pieces of paper and stuck them together with tape too. Then we took the tape off the front so it’s not shiny.”

It took three to four hours to get it perfect, and now it takes up “the whole wall” of their kitchen.

Aurelija said that the placement of the apostles is “mostly random” except for Judas, who “is likely to cheat at cards, one of them was a killer before he met Jesus.”

The other 11 members of the townhouse described themselves as “Auri’s bitches for the day”.

“It was mostly motivation” Beth said and Tom added :”Yeah, we all simped for Auri for this. The most I did was trim a few edges while the master assembled the masterpiece.”

Upon the reveal, Jake said that he just stood there “my jaw on the floor and my hands on my head”. Beth was less surprised: “It’s Auri and she always does really cool extravagant things for the house. We all laughed a lot and were in shock at first. It’s a masterpiece.”

The precision of the photoshop is godly, but Jake explained that it can be disorientating: “When you’re really drunk it really does send you spinning.”

Beth said: “When people walk by they see it through the window and just stare at us.” Just 40 hours, lots of moral support and some help and this County townhouse have bagged best christmas deco of 2020.

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