Quizmas day six: Tell us your controversial Christmas opinions and we’ll tell you what college you’re in

If you think Bounty is the best Celebration you’re in Pendle

Christmas time is here and it couldn’t have come any sooner. What’s better than the best time of year to provide a welcome distraction from the nightmare that has been 2020? Christmas music is on the radio 24/7, chocolate is an acceptable meal substitute and then on the 25th there’s the promise of presents and the ability to gorge yourself on as much food as is physically possible.

This isn’t a universal opinion however and not everyone has this mindset. Christmas to some people is the embodiment of hell, some think that Mariah Carey’s classic, ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ is overrated, or that Christmas is just a day when you have to spend time with family members that at all other times you would prefer to avoid, and some even think that Christmas dinner is an overrated meal and would prefer to eat something else entirely.

There are a multitude of opinions that circulate at Christmas, whether traditional or controversial, these opinions say a lot about a person. Those opinions also say a lot about the nine colleges at Lancaster uni. Cartmel screams Mariah Carey.

Wondering what your controversial Christmas opinions say about you? Then take this quiz to find out what Lancs college you truly belong in.


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