We interviewed the County townhouse behind the ‘Did someone say beveragino?’ TikTok

‘We forgot completely about the competition – until we realised how much attention it was getting’

During LUSU college wars in Freshers’ Week, one of the challenges was to create the best post-it note art. The winners were County townhouse 100 with their “Did someone say beveragnio?” TikTok, although some people believed the winners should have been the Elmo artwork from a Furness flat.

Furness Elmo Post-it art

Townhouse 100 consists of 12 freshers: Hannah, Rowan, Katie, Annie, Floss, Joely, Evie, Rebecca, Abdul, Josh, Nathan and Brad. The Lancaster Tab spoke to them about their winning TikTok and what it’s like being a fresher in 2020.

How do you feel about winning over the Elmo flat?

Hannah, whose account the video was posted on, said: “To be honest, we didn’t really realise we’d won! We just put the post-it notes up as a little joke among our flat, and since we had made a TikTok, decided to send it to the county Instagram on a whim. We forgot completely about the competition – until we realised how much attention it was getting.”

It was an easy win, according to Abdul who said: “[It] wasn’t even made for the competition initially so it just made sense that everyone likes it as much as we did.” The townhouse said they did their post-it note artwork and TikTik originally “as a flat joke” and “never intended to even submit it to the competition when it started.”

Obviously The Elmo Flat got a lot of attention, do you feel your TikTok deserved the crown?

Everyone said that they “all agree that the Elmo art was absolutely incredible and so intricate! Although we love our post-it window a lot (and we really do), [we] think they deserve the crown more than us! I can’t begin to imagine how much effort it must have taken, and the intricacy is crazy!”

Rebecca added: “Honestly I think we both did good, my favourite part of the Elmo one is the “kill” bit they added after they lost, and that wouldn’t have been a thing without us.”

In Katie’s opinion, as their TikTok wasn’t designed to outcompete against any others initially, as it was submitted to the contest as an afterthought, this made the win “even better!”

Rowan told the Lancaster Tab that she feels a bit guilty because she thought that the Elmo flat should have won even though their TikTok has a “higher comedic value.”

Does it feel like your townhouse has bonded over this?

Hannah and Rowan both agree that them and Katie, who “were the ones who decide to put it up initially”, “bonded whilst doing it.” Though now “it has become a running joke in the house has definitely brought us together as a whole” with the fact they “won the contest and didn’t intend to has also contributed to the novelty.”

This is the reason “why it’s still just as funny” for them. Rebecca continued to state: “As a townhouse, we get on well compared to a lot of other, and we always have a good time together.”

Hannah also added: “I do feel like it helped us bond for sure. As for the flat as a whole, they all love it (I hope) and everyone laughed when they saw what we’d written.”

What’s it like being a fresher this year?

Brad thought that the townhouse has “bonded more as a flat staying in and drinking together” but being a fresher this year “had been a bit shit” (if he’s being honest). He continued: “Having to stay in and only socialise with each other” has made them “a lot closer as a flat already.”

Hannah mentioned that “being a fresher this year was definitely chaotic, not what you’d expect fresher at uni to be like.”

Who’s the TikToker of the house?

Hannah and Evie are the TikTokers of the townhouse. Rowan said: “Hannah is defiitely addicted to TikTok” and makes “references all day, every day.” Katie added that Hannah definitely makes more TikToks that are “comedic to watch” and the townhouse “has a few inside jokes off the back of them.”

Where did you get the idea and whose idea was it to make the TikTok?

Katie said: “When I moved in I put “Hi” on my window on the first day as I had seen a few other people do the same.” Then one day when they were bored, and the townhouse “decided to do a bigger display on our lounge window.”

The phrase was something Hannah often used at home before moving to Lancaster, so she knew her friends “would appreciate the video” and find it as funny as they all did. She also thinks it was one of the first things she “said to the flat as a whole” was the “did someone say beveragino?” quote, so it “became kind of the first inside joke we shared, so seemed fitting for the window.”

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