Here are all of Lancaster’s best Halloween costumes 2020

Who says Covid has to be the scariest thing we see this year? x

Another Halloween gone by and another load of creative costumes have been worn, ruined, and eventually retired to their graves. Sadly, we didn’t get to see you all in the Sugar queue or do the Monster Mash all together this year, but some of you have taken to Instagram instead to really show your enthusiasm.

Here’s a selection of Lancaster’s best Halloween costumes for 2020, the spookiest year of all. 

‘Vampire House Share’


This spooky lot really went all out, they could be the Addams Family’s distant cousins.

Originality: 3/5 – Vampires are a bit “been there done that”, but is there anything wrong with a classic? I vote no.

Execution: 5/5 – You can see the commitment in the makeup and those gorgeous capes. Stunning work!

Sexiness: 4/5 – Vampires have always been sexy, have you seen Twilight?

Scariness: 4/5 – I’d definitely think twice before inviting this lot to my house.

Money Heist


This has to be the original cast cat-fishing us! The resemblance is scary.

Originality: 2/5 – I mean, it’s a popular show so it’s bound to lose originality points… At least it’s not the Purge masks.

Execution: 5/5 – This shows commitment and we’re here for it! And the pose? Chef’s kiss!

Sexiness: 3/5 – Not gonna lie, red jumpsuits aren’t really my thing, but if that does it for you then…

Scariness: 4/5 – It’s the blank stare for me.

‘This is Fine’ Meme


Lockdown, deadlines, overall chaos. This is us amidst it all. If anything sums up this year, it’s this.

Originality: 5/5Only the TikTok Generation would think a meme would make a great Halloween costume, and let me tell you, it does.

Execution: 5/5 – Impeccable. Could this BE any better? 

Sexiness: 3/5 – Sexy wouldn’t be the word I would use but this definitely screams adorable!

Scariness: 2/5 – The only thing scary about this costume is how relatable it is.



Guys, you better form a band and use this as your EP cover, or I will! This takes me back to my 2013 grunge days.

Originality: 3/5 – You might be thinking “Bed-Sheet Ghost is super unoriginal”, but think about it, how many people have you actually seen dressed like this?

Execution: 4/5 – Fairly easy but we love to see it, it’s a low risk, high reward game.

Sexiness: 2/5 – Not overtly sexy, but the skater e-boy angle is definitely adding some points.

Scariness: 1/5 – This one’s more cool than scary.



Not gonna lie, we had to Google this one to understand the inspiration, but now that we do, stunning work!

Originality: 4/5 – We love a throwback costume, not sure you are going to be seeing this anywhere else. 

Execution: 5/5 – This is SPOT on! We’re seriously impressed.

Sexiness: 4/5 – Who doesn’t love bright pink pin-stripe trousers and a sailor’s cap?

Scariness: 1/5 – Sometimes Halloween is more about being fabulous than being scary.

Team Rocket


“Surrender now, or prepare to fight!” Guys, this isn’t a competition…

Originality: 3/5 – Original enough that you don’t see it every year, popular enough that it’s a go-to iconic duo.

Execution: 5/5 – You’ve got it down to a tee! All you need is a pet cat and some malicious intent to complete the picture.

Sexiness: 4/5 – To be honest, I’ve always had a crush on Jesse…

Scariness: 1/5 – Nothing scary about the prospect of world domination, right?

Scuba Divers


When in a pandemic, escape to the ocean! That’s what I’ve always said.

Originality: 3/5 – Might have seen it on Pinterest before, but definitely not your garden variety Halloween costume.

Execution: 5/5 – It is what it says on the tin, you promised scuba divers and you delivered.

Sexiness: 1/5 In their defence, goggles and a snorkel are notoriously hard to make sexy.

Scariness: 1/5I’m not sure scuba masks are gonna be making anyone scream but you made the effort and that’s what counts.

Superman and Friends


Superman, a werewolf, a skeleton, and a zombie all walk into a bar…

Originality: 1/5 – Pretty basic, not gonna lie, but iconic nevertheless.

Execution: 3/5 – You guys have really committed to the makeup! 

Sexiness: 4/5 – I’m looking at Mr. Wolf over here…

Scariness: 3/5 – If I saw a skeleton or a zombie walking down the street I’d run the other way. Good thing Superman’s here to save the day.

Iconic Women plus John Lennon


We never thought we’d see Kim K, Madonna, John Lennon, Miranda Sings and Ariana Grande all in one room together, but it’s 2020 so I guess anything goes. 

Originality: 3/5 – The combination of these legendary characters is where the brilliance lies!

Execution: 4/5You can definitely tell who you’re meant to be, squad goals!

Sexiness: 3/5 – Madonna is bringing all the sex appeal and have you seen that smudged lipstick?

Scariness: 3/5 – The scary thing for me is how you made that butt so big! How is it staying in place? So many questions.



Plum in the kitchen with the candlestick or was it Scarlet in the hall with the dagger?

Originality: 4/5 – This seems like the most obvious Halloween costume, and yet we fail to see it every year! Until now.

Execution: 2/5 – Would have liked to see a little more commitment, where are the weapons?

Sexiness: 4/5 – I can see why no one was at the scene of the crime… They must have been busy elsewhere.

Scariness: 2/5 – The prospect of there being a potential murderer is scary, but sadly not quite scary enough.

The Teletubbies


This takes me right back to my childhood! The nostalgia is real.

Originality: 3/5 – Not gonna lie, I have seen this before but that doesn’t take anything away from you, at least you made the effort!

Execution: 4/5 – You’ve been docked a point for that one non-matching skirt. Otherwise, we love it!

Sexiness: 1/5 – It just feels wrong to call a childhood figure sexy, doesn’t it?

Scariness: 3/5 Honesty, looking back the Teletubbies seem creepier now then when we were four.

Hope everyone is already thinking about next year, we are expecting big things for 2021!

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