Plan a day in Lancs and we’ll tell you what type of Bake Off contestant you are

We can’t all be winners, sorry x

The time has come again. It’s a Tuesday night, the clock is at 7:55pm, the whole of Britain seems to have gone quiet as each household big and small gathers around their TV and switches to Channel 4. That’s when you hear it – the sound you’ve been dreaming of since you said goodbye a year earlier. The GBBO opening music. Before you know it, you’re bobbing up and down on your couch, the upbeat melody drawing you in for another round of baking delight. Tuesdays wouldn’t be right without it.

And no, before you ask, it isn’t quite the same anymore since it moved from the BBC. You’re right. But, much as we have all changed as people since coming to university, Bake Off has changed since it moved to Channel 4. Has it improved? Grown as a show? Increased its fan base? Possibly not. BUT it has millions of us hooked every week, itching to find out who will be the one to mess up their Italian Meringue this week.

But how would you fair if you were on the show? We’ve all seen the previous contestants, the array of characters that wander into that tent. There’s the perfecter – the baker that has practiced every version of their bakes under every possible constraint. The just-happy-to be-here-er – they may make a few mistakes along the way but they never stop smiling. Or even the saboteur – causing chaos in the tent in one foul motion… 

But which one are you?

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