We asked Lancs students to send in their best house decor and boy did they provide

We rated them on creativity, vibes and aesthetic quality x

Given recent events, we’ve all been seeing a lot more of the inside of our houses, and those walls can really start to cave in if you’re not careful. 2020 has given us a chance to really dig deep and utilise our inner feng shui. Getting creative with limited resources has never been more necessary, and no one does that better than students.

Rooms range from relaxing dreamscapes, strange tributes to the night no one will let you forget, the classic fairy lights, succulents and cursed ornaments that would leave those outside your bubble disturbed and confused. Here are some prime examples of that very kind.

Kashish, third year, Furness

When we asked for submissions from students, this definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. There’s something about this wall that screams “homeware catalogue.” This student has Pinterest and they know how to utilise it well. They probably have a five year plan in motion as we speak, and a bullet journal – a really good one. What is it like to have aspirations beyond today? This student knows, or else, that wall could probably tell them.

Creativity: 5/10, gotta love a classic

Vibes: 8/10, just looking at this room makes me feel classy

Aesthetic Quality: 10/10, chic but with extra personality – it’s perfect!

Leigh, masters student, Grad college

Now this is more on brand. Fairy lights? Check. Miscellaneous tacky decor that wouldn’t be caught dead back home, (unless maybe for birthdays)? Check. The constant fear that one day your creation will all come tumbling down in a heap of wires, command hooks, and white tac? This one speaks to the masses.

Simple yet effective. Our “Sad Girl House 2020” is a tragic tale that resonates with every one of the Lancs students currently holed up at home, dreaming about Sugar, VKs, and strobe lighting. Hang on to those streamers ladies, it may be the closest you get to a party in a while. At least you have a fun backdrop for those zoom calls.

Creativity: 7/10, the “Sad Girl House” really sold it for me

Vibes: 10/10, the vibes are immaculate

Aesthetic Quality: 7/10, you’re tacky, and I love you

Katie, second Year, Fylde

This guy has been through a lot. But recently, haven’t we all? As a reflection of the student experience right now, it really hits its mark. Extra points for being huggable too. Do I want this fella’s dead-behind-the-eyes look haunting me throughout my self-isolation, however? Maybe not, though it is reminiscent of that feeling the morning after a particularly messy Wednesday night. Here’s to all those lost socials – gone but never forgotten.

Creativity: 4/10, though money well spent I’m sure

Vibes: 9/10, his terrified look is kind of endearing

Aesthetic Quality: ???/10, I can’t say I know what brand of aesthetic this is

Owen, second Year, Fylde

This one is for those more low-key decorators. The ones that like to go beyond the usual, and step into the realm of the new. At first glance, this cushion seems as if it were any other. Strangely discoloured maybe, but nothing out of the ordinary. Until the viewer takes another look, they find they have uncovered a gem in the rough. What better way to tie a room together than with your favourite meme? Some may knock it, but the understated look can offer so much when given the opportunity.

Creativity: 10/10, this is an underappreciated meme in my opinion

Vibes: 7.5/10, it’s not his best moment but he’s got the spirit

Aesthetic Quality: 3/10, although, if this were paired with the submission above, I think it could be the start of something really special

Jasmine, first year, Furness

Well we already know Elmo has quickly become a Lancs favourite, but what about making it spooky? Seasonally appropriate, but good for all year round given the right crowd. This particular submission’s gothic twist is bound to be a favourite among the more darkly inclined. Its clever position within the room ensures its title as the staple feature of dining, catching eyes from all angles thanks to its three dimensional form. Art is an experience after all; this way, meals can be too.

Creativity: 11/10, top notch placement if I ever saw it

Vibes: 10/10, we love spooky season, Halloween here we come!

Aesthetic Quality: -3/10, beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all

Klaudia, Master’s student, Grad college

We’ve all had our visions of grandeur, the great pictures we paint in our minds on the canvas of an empty bedroom. But none have ever been as realised as this. Amongst the chaos of student kitchens, communal living spaces, and shared bathrooms – this room offers peace. Open, bright, and beautiful, this room didn’t know its own potential until this student arrived. I see it now in the background of Instagram mirror selfies, in the eyes of other students. Even at night this bedroom shines, a cozy recluse and welcome space to binge Netflix.

Creativity: 7/10, the fairy lights are a particular fan favourite

Vibes: 100/10, how many other ways can I tell you? I love this room!

Aesthetic Quality: 10/10, this room is a wonderland

Olivia, second year, County

Now, we don’t have time to unpack all that…

As far a student decor goes, there is likely nothing more wholly encompassing, or outright unashamed, than this. Shrine-like memorabilia makes for a wonderfully homey atmosphere in all sorts of accommodation. Spreading positive messages of love and support for all is an important factor of every person’s life, especially in today’s climate.

The headless horseman does add a more sinister aspect to this particular set up. These students are clearly equipped with the innovative mind of countless interior designers – creating new forms of storage from objects previously disregarded. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a clear display of college pride, an attitude that quickly forms an integral part of a Lancs student identity. As for Gyllenhaal, he needs no explanation.

Creativity: 10/10, though I’m not sure if I should be impressed or concerned

Vibes: cursed/10, there’s a very specific energy going on here

Aesthetic Quality: subjective – some things just can’t be boxed in

Eleanor, second year, Furness

It is a widely known fact that no student’s room is ever truly complete without a little bit of greenery. Succulents or cacti are a common go to, however this student chose a more creative route. This tranquil little corner of the room serves to brighten up those plain white walls, and adds a pop of colour without the same worry of harm or death that comes with regular house plants. It is the forgetful cottage core students’ dream.

Creativity: 7/10, I might have to steal this idea

Vibes: 9/10, your room is glowing

Aesthetic Quality: 10/10, this has all of the beauty, none of the fuss

Overall, these images prove just how creative Lancs students can be when they put their mind to creative thinking and completely transform their box rooms into something incredible! I suddenly have an urge to redecorate my entire house. Take these as inspiration, I know I will.

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