This is what it’s like living with Lancs boys during a pandemic

Your house will turn into a man cave

Now if you thought it was difficult living with Lancs boys before a pandemic, then you can’t even imagine what it’s like living with them during one. Out of nowhere you’re stuck with them for 24 hours a day and you can’t escape them even if you wanted to.

Everything that they did to annoy you normally has now been multiplied by 10 and you’re now living in a scruffy bachelor pad, aka your worst nightmare. Putting up with your own boredom is one thing, but now having to deal with them 24/7 just takes living in a pandemic to a whole new level.

Tinder is life

As they have got nothing better to do, Tinder has now become their life, their reason for existence, their one true love. And this would be fine if they didn’t bring it up every waking moment.

What are they looking at on their phone? Tinder. What’s cast on the TV? Tinder. What are they talking about? Tinder. What are they moaning about? Tinder. What are they asking you about? Surprise, surprise TINDER!

But there is only so much Tinder one girl can cope with. You’ve had enough of writing all their Tinder replies because they are incapable of being witty, and you’ve had enough of them rating all your mates out of 10. All you want is for Tinder to disappear, but you know that’s never going to happen.

Your living room is now a man cave

They took over the living room before there was a pandemic, but now that they never leave the house… they live in there and never, ever leave.

They are glued to the sofa 24 hours a day, watching the same TV shows that aren’t even funny and shouting at their Xbox continuously for no reason. It’s basically become their own personal man cave, the only girls existing for them are the ones on Tinder and they keep forgetting that you even live there.

And your kitchen is a hairdressers

Something that has become much more common due the pandemic is the boys giving each other haircuts, and very average ones at that. This would be perfectly fine, so long as they did not do it in the kitchen, the place where you eat.

But apparently that’s the perfect place to get a skin fade, having hairs left all over the counter to get in your food is exactly what you want, why would you want it any other way?


The only thing on TV is football

There may as well not even be a remote because the channel never changes, it’s just football, football and more football. How do they not get bored of football?

All you’re asking for is to watch a nice romcom once a week, but nope don’t be ridiculous, that would be being unreasonable and selfish and not respecting what the majority of the house want to watch.

Making a nightclub in the basement seems like a good idea

Though this sounds like it would be a good idea, it turns out it is not. The speakers come out, the drum and bass comes on and then it never gets turned off. The music booms through the entire house at ridiculous times of the day, and they never let you get a good night’s sleep.

They want to be your personal trainer

Lancs boys are obsessed with the gym and when you live with them, they’re always asking you if their arms look good, even though no one is going to see them because they can’t go anywhere.

The pandemic has made them exercise crazy, they do three workouts a day, and expect you to join in too. Why don’t they understand that you couldn’t think of anything than worse than going on a run at 8am?!

 Everything is fun and games, even when you’re sad

Living with boys, you realise that everything is fun and games, which has turned out to be a blessing, when the only company you have is each other. They do stupid things, like have a rap battle in the middle of the lounge or if your lucky they’ll make TikToks with you, and suddenly your bad mood is flipped on its head and you’re rolling around on the floor laughing. They hate to see you feeling down, and will always try to cheer you up in any way they can.

So, even though living with Lancs boys during a pandemic does come with its challenges, and they drive you insane, they do offer a whole bundle of entertainment and have made a bleak time pretty fun, so secretly you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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