Petition to stop Lancs uni from profiting off self-isolating students has over 1,790 signatures

‘Universities have a duty to safeguard students during these uncertain times’

After it was revealed that Lancaster university were offering students meal boxes that cost £17.95 per day that would actually cost only a mere £2.70 if the same produce was bought from a supermarket, a petition has been set up to call out the university for not support self-isolating students on campus.

After student outrage over this food delivery service, this petition set up by “Kyle Westrip” has attracted a lot of attention as it demands that the university change its policy. The petition states: “Lancaster university must change this policy, or great damage will be done to students mental and potentially physical health. ”

The petition condemns the university for attempting to exploit vulnerable students in these challenging times. The petition goes on to explain that “Universities have a duty to safeguard students during these uncertain times, and the provision of food is an essential part of this.”

This petition is about to surpass 1,800 signatures. You can show your support by signing and sharing this petition.

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