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The Sugarhouse has temporarily closed its doors

The SU-ran nightclub’s operations are on hold due to coronavirus restrictions

In a surprise announcement on its website, Lancaster University Students’ Union has revealed that The Sugarhouse nightclub is to halt all operations for the moment, as a result of coronavirus measures.

LUSU also confirmed that demand for tickets to The Sugarhouse is not as high as it had been hoped, and that the venue is currently running at a loss to the SU.

The Students’ Union said: “Lancaster University Students’ Union is sorry to announce that it has no choice but to pause operations at its Sugarhouse venue with immediate effect due to the impact of Covid-19 restrictions.

“The union launched a trial reopening of the venue in Welcome Week, reconfiguring it to table service and with a significantly reduced maximum capacity in line with government advice.

“Unfortunately demand for tickets for Sugarhouse events has been lower than hoped, and as a result the venue is operating at a loss.”

VP Union Development, Atree Ghosh commented on the disappointing proceedings, saying: “We opened the Sugarhouse last week in a trial to see how it would work and how we could offer one of the safest night out experiences in Lancaster. Unfortunately, the numbers and the finances behind those nights have now come back and looking at the finances we’ve lost over £4,500 in the first week of opening.

“Obviously less money means we have less money to do other things, especially in a year when finances are so tight.”

Regardless of the venue ceasing trade for the time being, LUSU President Oliver Robinson was quick to establish that The Sugarhouse is going nowhere: “The take-home message for us is the Sugarhouse is not for sale, the Sugarhouse will stay where it is and the Sugarhouse will remain with us throughout the year for us to pass on to the next team.”

Lancaster University Students’ Union’s full statement can be found here.