SU Living become the first letting agency to delay signing housing contracts until 2021

‘This is seriously such a win for Lancaster students’

On campus letting agency, SU Living, are the first letting agency in Lancaster to delay the release of contracts for houses until January 2021.

In a statement posted to Facebook, Lancaster University’s SU Full Time Officer’s explained that SU Living’s decision to delay the release of 2021/22 contracts will “successfully reduce the stress on students by giving them more time to find the right housemates and still have safe, affordable accommodation options available to them later in the year.”

Rachel, a final year student said: “This decision honestly means so much to me, I had signed a housing contract with my first year flatmates before the end of first term in my first year. By time second year rolled around, we had started to have arguments and I had better friends elsewhere. This is seriously such a win for Lancaster students. It finally gives students a chance to settle into uni without the pressure of trying to find flatmates.”

Amy Merchant, VP Welfare said: “I am delighted that the delaying of contracts has been approved by Trustee Board. I was mandated to do this by our student membership back in March as part of my wider ‘Stopping Housing Haste’ campaign, and being my manifesto priority, it was so crucial that this decision was passed. It is vital that SU Living set a precedent on an issue that affects every single student at Lancaster.”

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