Here’s why you should join The Tab Lancaster

We’re recruiting!

The Lancaster Tab are recruiting for new writers this academic year! You have probably spotted the Tab when you’re scrolling through social media, whether that be reading a breaking news article on Facebook, or stumbling across a banging quiz. This year it could be you writing them!

Not only is it an opportunity to join the best journalism team on campus, or to write for the biggest online student-run website, it’s a chance to make friends by attending socials and meetings with a welcoming and vibrant team. Here’s every reason why you should join the Lancaster Tab.

Journalism opportunities

The Lancaster Tab offers a wide array of journalism opportunities, with no prior experience required. Our team gives you the opportunity to cover all kinds of stories, from breaking campus news and interviewing local MPs, through to making viral memes and relatable quizzes. Who knows, you might even get picked up by national news papers, or write for The Tab National! It is a great way to start your career in journalism.

Friendly and welcoming team

At The Tab Lancaster we’re all about working hard, and playing harder. Joining the Tab Lancaster means attending weekly meetings and socials with a fab group of people. Weekly meetings and socials are a great way to meet people across different colleges, courses and year groups. Our socials suit everyone, from chill nights in campus bars to big pres and Sugar, we’ve got you covered. 

Social media opportunities

We’re not exclusively about banging articles, we’re also about making banging memes. If you haven’t already, check out our Instagram to find some relatable Lancaster memes. We are always looking for fresh memes from our members, and who doesn’t love going viral.

We are not censored by the university

Unlike other news outlets on campus, we are in no way connected to Lancaster University. This means that you are able to break news that is important to you and other students, without waiting for the university’s approval. This means that the university cannot shut us down or stop us from writing about particular topics on campus.

You can work your way up!

We have several editorial positions at The Lancaster Tab, so there’s always opportunity to work your way up. Whether breaking news is your thing, or you’re more Instagram inclined, there’s a variety of positions to work towards with us. Having the opportunity to run for editorial positions is great on your CV, as well as being seriously fun.

Dedicated team

Our editors are determined to make sure you get the most valuable experience on our team. Each week you are able to pitch your ideas and you will be supported throughout the whole journey of researching and writing the article! No idea is too big or extreme, you’ve got a whole team to support you who are all one message away.

Be the first to hear campus gossip

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of campus gossip? Being part of the team includes being part of our group chat, where we discuss everything we hear on campus from fires through to inappropriate sports socials. All that’s left to do is to help write it up so students can hear about it too!

Draw a light on issues close to your heart

Although it’s extremely important to find out which Peep Show character is your college, the Tab Lancaster isn’t just all fun and games. Being part of our team allows you to draw a light on matters that really matter to students, may that be LUSU’s budget cuts impacting student experience, reporting on Lancaster climate strikes or attending local Black Lives Matter protests.

Free stuff!

What’s not to love! Get your hands on a free Tab t-shirt, they’re great to wear to bed or on socials. Decorate your entire life with Tab stickers, whack it on your laptop to look cool in seminars. There’s also free stationary, it’s the university students’ dream.


If that doesn’t appeal to you then we don’t know what does! If the Tab Lancaster sounds like the place for you, drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to find out more!

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