County College threatens disaffiliation over by-election

County JCR could break from LUSU if “conditions are not met”.

County College has released a statement today regarding the controversy surrounding the disqualification of the reopen nominations (RON) candidate in the recent Students’ Union election.

This follows increasing backlash from the student body regarding the disqualification.

In the statement, the County JCR Exec sets out a series of demands for LUSU to meet, such as clearly justifying the disqualification of RON, and the publishing of the vote count sheet in order to “give members confidence that their President-elect has a democratic mandate to represent them.”

If these demands are not met, or if the JCR Exec deems the justification given by LUSU as “insufficient,” the Exec will put forward a motion to disaffiliate from LUSU.

If the move for disaffiliation is successful, then County College would continue to exist, but would no be able to apply for SU funding, book rooms on campus free of charge, have no insurance cover, and would be unable to hire SU equipment, such as lights and sound equipment.

The full statement from County College can be found below:

Callum Slater, Democracy and Finance Officer at County released this statement some days ago:

County College’s full “Motion to Demand” can be found here.

More information regarding disaffiliation can be found here.