Lancaster is 14 spaces ahead of York in the Complete University Guide

We’re also 62 ahead of UCLan FYI x

The Complete University Guide released their university league tables and rankings for 2021 today, placing Lancaster 14 spaces higher than University of York.

Lancaster loves nothing more than reminding its students that it is a Top Ten University nationally. Luckily for them, they don’t need to change their posters this year, they can continue to remind us of their top ten spot throughout 2020/2021.

Complete University Guide

Lancaster comes in at eighth place this year, dropping down one space from the 2020 league tables. This ranking leaves us 109 spaces ahead of University of Cumbria, 14 spaces ahead of York and 62 spaces ahead of UCLan… You’ll be pleased to know. Healthy rivalry isn’t rivalry if there is no competition. Loughborough knocked both Lancaster and Durham off our sweet spots, though we’re sure Durham is more bitter about it than we are.

When looking at graduate prospects alone, Lancaster comes in at third place. This leaves us ahead of Oxford, Cambridge and Durham, which isn’t something you hear every day. The Complete University Guide adds: “Lancaster has an outstanding record in graduate employment. Lancaster graduates perform well in the job market and are highly regarded by employers.”

Top 5 unis for graduate prospects

However, less can be said for our student satisfaction rating in which we place 48th, leaving room for improvement.

18 of Lancaster’s subjects appear in the top ten for their subject leagues, with the Creative Writing course coming in at number one nationally. Other subjects placing within their specific top tens nationally are as follows: Social Work, Linguistics, Art & Design, German, Iberian Linguistics, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, Drama Dance & Cinematics, Chemical Engineering, Marketing, Communication & Media Studies, History, Psychology, French, Sociology, Theology & Religious Studies and Geographical & Environmental Sciences.

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