Black Lives Matter protest happening in Lancaster tomorrow

The peaceful protest will take place in Dalton Square on Wednesday

A peaceful protest for Black Lives Matter, is being held in Lancaster this Wednesday.

The protests follow a large number of protests which have taken place in the US and also London in solidarity against police racism and brutality, specifically after the death of George Floyd.

The Lancaster protest has been organised in Lancaster to take place on Wednesday the 3rd of June.

On Wednesday the protest will assemble at 5:45pm and will hold a minutes silence at 6pm. The event organisers, Stand up to Racism, have ensured that the event will be stewarded and will require that participants remain at least two meters of distance apart from one another in order to maintain social distancing guidelines. Social distancing will be “strictly observed.”

Image via The Manchester Tab

The protest directly responds to demands from an online meeting on Sunday night which over 2,000 people joined with US activists from Minneapolis & New York, Diane Abbott MP, Claudia Webbe MP, justice campaigner Janet Alder, Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP, the National Education Union’s Daniel Kebede, Desmond Ziggy Mombeyarara (tasered by Manchester police) and Stand Up To Racism’s Weyman Bennett and Brian Richardson.

According to the organiser’s Facebook page the meeting called for for a day of action this Wednesday. The protest aims to show solidarity with the Black community and actively help to resist racism in both the US and against the policies that have led to massively disproportionate BAME deaths in the Covid-19 pandemic in Britain.

Image via The Manchester Tab

Stand up to racism will also be hosting protests across the country on the same date in locations such as York, Southampton and Lewisham. They also actively encourage those without an organised protest close to home to take pictures of their own protests on their doorstep.
“This could be a banner drop over a bridge, making a placard, writing a message in the sand on the beach or taking to one knee on your doorstep. You can do it by yourself or in a socially distanced group as long as it is safe as possible.”
Featured image via The Manchester Tab

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