These are all the last ‘normal photos’ taken by Lancs students before lockdown

Reminiscing the last quick trip to the Lakes before the end of the world

It is beginning to feel like we have been in lockdown for years now, so it can be strange to look back on those memories of a time when we were free to roam, and even visit nightclubs, believe it or not. We asked you for your last pics before lockdown, to reminisce about the final days spent in and around Lancaster. Here are some of your submissions, for a little trip down memory lane.

Tom, Lancaster canal

Lancaster Canal

I think we would all rather be strolling down Lancaster Canal right now, soaking in the gorgeous views. A very worthy last lockdown pic to treasure until we are (hopefully soon) reunited.

Tina, Sport Lancaster

Sport Lancaster

Ah, the gym, a place where you could workout with equipment rather than doing press ups in your back garden. This photo was taken on a final trip to the Sports centre before the gym was closed for lockdown. “It was my friend’s first visit to the uni gym ever, in the two years we have been here.” I think the global pandemic has probably put her off the gym for good.”

Eleanor, Trip to Penrith

A Trip to Penrith

Nothing says Lancs uni like a trip to the Lakes with your pals. Definitely well timed, considering those summer trips to the Lakes have probably been cancelled. Final squad pic of the year? Sorted.

Beth, Last night out

Last drunk bus ride

Ah, remember the days of the Sugar bus? How we all long to be back on there, being sick in our own laps one more time.

Every Lancs student will have some memories, fond or not, from trips on the bus from campus at 10pm, whether they are the loud drunk ones or the sober ones who just wanted to go home in peace. Beth, who submitted this pic, said: ‘The girl in the second one is my friend from home who made the six hour journey up to see me. Think our parting words were lol imagine if the country got locked down and you were stuck here. (Happened literally the day after she left).”

Molly, Lancs countryside

Lancs countryside

Molly, a third year English student shared her last pic before lockdown which was of some lovely Lancs countryside just off the canal. If we could do our daily walk here we would be very content.

Becca, Tabuki

Tabuki I miss u

Becca’s blurry submission from the last Tabuki perfectly captures the night out vibe that we all wish we were living right now. This was taken at a time where Sugar was already closed, so this really was a last night out before the end of the world. We all wish we’d have gone to be honest, if only we knew.

Becca recalled her last night out: “My last ‘normal’ photo was this wobbly one from TABUKI. Honestly, this was the best finale I could have asked for. It was a funk night and everything about it was top tier. A lot has changed since this photo, but I am so glad it is my last ‘normal’ one. It feels weird thinking about how many people were around us on that picture. Stay back?? Two metres please??”

Daisy, Windermere

Last trip to Windemere

Another Lakes trip here. Daisy was lucky enough to catch on to the good idea of doing a final trip to the Lakes before lockdown. Really got us missing the natural beauty around Lancaster.

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