James May is hosting Pendle’s Stay at HomeStrav on Friday

Pendle’s most famous alumnus returns

Former Top Gear co-host, James May, is set to host Pendle’s Stay at HomeStrav this Friday.

After the Coronavirus pandemic ensured the cancellation of Extravs 2020 across Lancaster Uni, Pendle College have put together a charity event called “Stay at HomeStrav” in order to both mourn the loss of Extrav and also to raise money for Bay Hospitals Charity.

Bay Hospitals Charity is a local NHS charity to Lancaster and Morecambe that supports local hospitals.

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This year, Pendle College have recruited The Grand Tour co-host, James May, to host the event from home.

Pendle’s VP Events and Engagements, Daisy Richmond, said: “James May is one of Pendle’s most well-known alumni, so we thought it would be a laugh to try and get him involved. We didn’t really expect him to say yes but we’ve messaged him through Pendle twitter before and he had replied in the past. We just explained the event to him and he was game! I had a couple of phone calls with him which was a bit crazy, but he was up for getting involved.

“I just didn’t expect him to say yes really, but was so happy because it obviously adds more hype to the event. Ultimately it would be nice to raise as much money as possible so having James hosting it helps with that.

“We set up the event because obviously it’s sad that we can’t have usual extravs so I just wanted everyone to have a great time even if we’re in lockdown.”

Daisy added: “It started out as a small idea but so many people wanted to take part and we secured James so it became a lot bigger than I expected.”

Pendle’s “Stay at HomeStrav” will take place this Friday, the 29th May. The event consists of eight hours of bands, artists and DJs including LUEDMS, Leopard Stripes and the Inglourious Brassterds.

£430 has already been raised for Bay Hospitals Charity and well be raising more on the night as access to the event is free, but donations for Bay Hospitals Charity will be encouraged.

You can find details for the event here.

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