Round up, round up: These are the best home diss pics from the Class of 2020

WERK from home x

The class of 2020 have obviously missed out on some of the best things in life. These include their last night out in Sugs, last alcohol induced vom in their uni house, last passive aggressive post-it note, but the biggest let down of them all is not being able to take those iconic dissertation pics.

Imagine missing out on taking your diss pic in front of the Lancaster Uni sign in your best outfit with your pals. Think of all the thought that would have gone into that look for your iconic university diss pic. Corona robbing you of this classic university opportunity is actually horrific, imagine. You’ve spent months crying over some pieces of paper and you don’t even get the final joy. What is actually the point?

Improvise, adapt, overcome. We have seen some of you manage to still slay your diss hand in pics, despite no longer being on campus. We have everything from dogs to photoshop jobs, all beautifully curated in lockdown, we love to see it! Kudos to you, here’s to the class of 2020!


Reality of handing your diss in with pals in 2020


Tbf you’re garden looks nicer than the spine


Being at home clearly means you have more time to formulate a LOOK


Bonus points if you’re in lockdown in Lancs


There’s no one you rely on quite like your trusty laptop


Dissertation with a view


My iPad is my diss xx


I can barely tell it’s photoshop!!


What’s better than a standard diss pic?? A dog diss pic


Me, myself and my laptop

And there you have it. Class of 2020 might have pulled a short straw but they sure know how to get creative with their diss pics. Role on fake graduation pics, we’re ready.

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