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Every final goodbye Lancs final years wish they could have said

Lancaster we miss you x

All Lancaster final students have been robbed of their final term. Every final year student was excited for their final library all nighter, final Lancaster pres, the last supper in Greggs, the list goes on. All of these last chances may have been bitter sweet, but some things in Lancaster just require a final goodbye.

If only we had known two months ago, we would have done all of our favourite things one last time. If we could speak to our second term selves we may have been to a few more lectures, gone to a few more pres, and roamed Sainsburys a few more times for good measure. Maybe even actually turned up to seminars. Hell, if we knew this would happen we might have applied for a panic masters!

Here is everything that Lancs final years wish they could say goodbye to.


Many students overlook Sugar in their final year, focusing on their dissertations and pretending their nine am actually matters. If someone would have said we would miss out on those post-exam nights out then we would have been there with bells on every single night it was open. Some of our fallen soldiers did not make the last Sugar Wednesday, and boy do they regret it. The ultimate third year dream right now is to get ready with their mates and some tinnies, listening to a shit playlist they made back in freshers and pre-ing for that final night out with their pals. If they could turn back time, they may have even stayed from half ten till close just to take it all in, one last smell of eau de Sugar, one last Flames on the way home. Just the thought makes us cry, Sugar we miss you.

The library

Ah the library, you truly have seen us at our worst and best. You have seen our breakdowns, our all nighters, our crushes and our first year optimism. What we would give to be stuck in a pod with the worst possible group project, or to be cramming in three thousand words in three hours, or most importantly to be gazing at our one and only library crush. When we get out of this, we might just head to Lancs library to have a Spar meal deal and a Costa just to feel something. Honorary mentions go to Norman, we will never say goodbye, gone but not forgotten.

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Never will you ever think it is acceptable to wait in a half hour queue for a lukewarm steak bake ever again. We are all destined to a life of short lunch breaks, and homemade monstrosities for the rest of our lives. Never will we have such a social life, chatting to that person you had one seminar with in first year in the Greggs queue, or that person who turns up to training once a year, or the one who you only know because they comment on every single lancfession. The community spirit united over a cheap pastry will never be felt again. Greggs I want to run to you.


Seeing duckling season from afar makes us cry legit, genuine tears at three am every single day. No lie. We just want you to try and eat our Greggs on the Alex Square steps just one last time. To be honest, we really feel cheated, we’ve missed out on duckling season and there’s been less duck presence since those Spar steps were built. What’s the point? Panic masters purely for next years duck season anyone?

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Even the ones we hate! If we had known that this would be the last time we would be living together for the foreseeable future we would have thrown a goodbye party and cried together for approximately 28748201048390247 hours. Imagine a pandemic robbing final years of their flatmate goodbyes, honestly shocking stuff. We may have even been more leniant in those last few weeks, pretended we couldn’t see the piles of mess everywhere and the mouldy food. Nah, just kidding we’re sad we can’t even say goodbyes to leaving passive aggressive messages in the group chat.


All I want for christmas is an Atkinsons coffee date. Please, someone, anyone, take me back to Atkinsons. We just want to feel your coffee goodness and cheesey toastiness running through our veins just one last time. Oh to be pretending to read a book in your supremely aesthetic coffee shops just to feel cool. We miss all of Lancaster’s cafes but Atkinsons has come out on top, honorary mentions to Journey Social, Brew and Herbarium. If we could we would have you all in one day just to take in the ~culture~. Goodbye my lover.


Although we spent the past three years moaning about how over priced you were and ranting about Lidl being better, truth be told we want to say goodbye to you. We want to just be able to roam your aisles freely, spending extortionate amounts of money on things we don’t need out of boredom and the desire to feel something. Just one last time, let us raid your reduced section, please seduce me with 50p iced coffee just one last time. Big sainsbos, we miss you, daylight rob us just one last time x

Honestly, just everything!

This lockdown truly has us final year students feeling all of the feels. Lancaster we just miss you, let us say goodbye to all of your weird goodness. We miss having to get the 100 and complaining, we miss those ugly buildings in Bowland, we even miss having to trek from County North to George Fox. If we had one last chance we would truly do it all, one last time.