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Our third year was cut short, here is everything you’ll miss about Lancs uni

Only love can hurt like this x

For many students at Lancaster, their third term has rudely been pulled from underneath them. Friends going home early, no Roses, no exams, fear of no graduation, the list goes on. For many moving away next year they haven’t had the chance to say goodbye to their friends, uni and the city. Life won’t be the same without Lancaster, and here are some of the things we’ll miss the most.

Living with your best pals

We’ll miss our housemates, even the most unbearable ones, even the ones left behind in first year, we’ll miss them all. Sure living with your family has its bonuses, but no-one will have a cuppa with you at  two am, have a sleepover even though you live next door, or listen to your drunk crying after a messy night at Sugar. Even if you won’t miss the mess, the mouldy pasta and the banging music, you will miss them dearly. Living so far apart, for such an extended amount of time, is unbearable. However, one thing corona can’t ruin for us is FaceTime, you’ll catch us on there 12 hours a day.


Will there ever be a Greggs so accessible again in this lifetime? Will your future workplace have a Greggs just over the road? Are you applying to grad jobs that are exclusively within a one mile radius of Greggs? It will be hard to ween ourselves off the freshly baked goodness, steak bakes at 10am will never be acceptable again, what’s the point. Catch me stocking up on hot baked yumminess before lockdown.


Ducks make everything better. Sad? Ducks. Hungover? Ducks. Break up? Ducks? Bored? Ducks. What’s the point of a world without ducks? You’ll catch us taking our corona walks in duck dense areas just to get a feel of Lancaster. The saddest news is missing out on duckling season this year, it just won’t be the same. Alright you might be going home to your pet, but hate to break it to you, it’s just not a duck is it?


What I would give for one last night out in Sugs. You’ve spent the last three years of your life convincing yourself that you hate the place, but truth be told you’re going to miss it. There’s no other nightclub that’s so student based, you see everyone every single time you go out. Sugar has seen you black out drunk, heartbroken, the happiest you’ve ever been and the messiest you’ve ever been. Sugar has seen it all, your highs and your lows.

Campus in Summer

Picture being sat out on Bonny steps in the Lancaster sun, cider in hand, not a care in the world. If this all passes in time, you’ll catch me there taking in the last few moments of Lancaster sun. We’ve had two Summers like this, and just wanted that one more. Coronavirus, you’ve really done us dirty here. All we’re asking for is to be tipsy in the Summer sun, and not wrapped up in 20 layers in Lancs for once, okay?

Extravs and graduation ceremonies

If these two bad boys don’t end up going ahead due to corona, I’ll cry (again). Never again will it be acceptable to be a drunk safari man or Mario in public, unless you’re on a hen do. Extrav and graduation is what so many third years have been working hard for and looking forwards to. Celebrating with your best pals after three long years is the dream, but maybe we’ll have a virtual graduation on Microsoft Teams, who knows?

Even your degree

Three years of moaning about nine ams has led to one thing only, missing my degree. Never again will I sit through a Geography lecture, boy I’d even sit through a soil science lecture at this point just to feel something. However, so many third years are yet to be able to hand their diss in, corona you really haven’t spared us much have you?

Finally, Lancaster

What a weird little city, so small yet so loveable. Although we might have been cut off one term short, there’s no doubt in our mind that we’ll be back there some time soon.