All the company needed in self isolation: Lancs students find bunnies on campus

Meet Terrance and Fredrick x

Davou Jobbi, first year computer science, put a story on his Instagram yesterday showing two bunnies living in his campus bathroom. Obviously, like everyone else, we had ALL the questions to ask. Pets on campus, truly is one of life’s greatest dreams.

Davou found the domestic bunnies alone on campus on the grass area outside Barker House Farm. He didn’t want to just leave them for the foxes, so he and his girlfriend decided to take them in. They were originally going to speak to the porters, but as they were closed they decided the best place to put them was is girlfriend’s bathroom.

Like all responsible bunny finders they called RSPCA, who are going to be picking them up today. As Davou found them yesterday, the bunnies got to stay the night. Also, like all responsible bunny finders, they named them. For all those invested, the white one is called Terrance and the brown one is called Fredrick.

We asked how the flatmates took it. We’ve had a mixture of flatmates over the years and were wondering whether they would be chill with bunnies in the flat or absolutely freaked out. Davou said: “The flatmates all want to keep them, I was the one who wanted to take them to the porter, but they thought it was better to call the RSPCA which we did.”

You can find more videos of the bunnies on our Instagram story, @thetablancaster