All the best soaps Lancs students should be using to wash their hands

Aloe vera AND anti bac? Get on that

With Covid-19 tightening its grip on the UK, the Government is announcing daily updates on legislation to prevent the spread of the virus. Throughout the updates, one thing still stands: “wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds.”

So, we know we should be washing our hands – but what soap’s best to use? Is this soap even anti-bac? Is this making any difference? Who knows? Here’s our HANDy guide (ha).

Sainsbury’s – hand wash

Sainsbury’s hand wash, the soft and the gentle. With its minimalist look, and attractive PH balance to cleanse and nourish, this soap is a great companion for the weeks in self-isolation. Not too bold, not too shy: the perfect companion for a few weeks inside. Sometimes “less is more,” and Sainsbury’s have done a fine job.

Dove – beauty cream bar

You saw the Dove beauty cream bars on the shelf, the only soap left, and thought fuck it – this will have to do. You’re unsure, yes it’s soap but does it do anything other than make me feel like silk?

The answer is: you don’t need to worry about that. With skin so soft and smooth, it goes beyond cleaning, washing away your worries one hand wash at a time. Comforting, like a big hug, the Dove beauty bar is everything you need to pretend that everything is okay. Just don’t drop it, then it becomes a disgusting mess of soap and your flatmate’s hair that’s been stuck in the drain. Yum.

Palmolive – milk and honey

Palmolive is the dark horse of your soap collection. You’ve forgotten about it, yet upon sight there is a comforting familiarity about it. This soap will change your life. Milky, honey-y, and making your hands silky smooth – what isn’t to love? Instead of feeling like a corona-riddled student, you’ll feel like a pharaoh of Egypt. It won’t pass your exams for you, but it’ll make you look forward to your next bowel movement.

Bomb cosmetics – blackcurrant shower butter

Perhaps the more boujee of the soaps, if it is even a soap at all. Bomb cosmetics’ blackcurrant shower butter will have you smelling like you’ve bathed in Ribena and you’ll be sniffing your hands, craving summertime throughout any kind of lockdown. Nostalgic? You bet.

Being against the grain and not actually identifying as a soap guarantees that this boujee bar should be available despite the nation stockpiling. And, it makes your room smell good.

Dove – beauty bar (but in pink)

The Dove beauty bar (but in pink) is exactly like the original beauty bar, but in pink. It functions exactly the same, nourishes your skin but most importantly makes you feel excited. It’s pink, something to look forward to. Variety really is the spice of life.

Fairy – clean and care

Definitely not your go-to soap, but Fairy’s clean and care in the delicate rose and satin can make you and your plates feel clean and soft. It will beat off any germs and it’s multi-use makes it a student favourite.

Carex – Aloe Vera derma care

No, it doesn’t have a distinctive impressive smell, but it’s anti-bac – and Aloe Vera. You’re safe, protected and have hands protected by the reliever of all plants. You’re lucky.

Carex – moisture derma care

The god of all soaps. The distant and more successful cousin of Carex’s Aloe Vera hand wash, this soap has all the moisture the Aloe Vera soap stole from you. It’s a winner, and you know that because finding it on a shelf in a UK supermarket at the moment is alike to finding a rare Pokemon. People will jump for joy when they finally find it, and cradle several bottles of it in their arms like soft baby kittens.

We recognise this is a serious issue and wanted to put a lighthearted spin on it. If you do have any symptoms be sure to call 111. Be safe out there.

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