Lancaster students ‘gutted’ over Roses 2020 cancellation

The biggest sports event of the year has been cancelled and Lancaster Uni students aren’t happy

It’s been 24 hours since the announcement that LUSU and Lancaster Uni have decided to cancel Roses 2020 until further notice and already, across the university, students are mourning the biggest sporting event of the year.

The Tab Lancaster spoke to sports teams across campus about how they feel now that the event they have spent the past season training for is cancelled.

Adam Bolton, Men’s First Team Captain, Football

“Naturally, everyone involved with the club is gutted, a lot of hard work and organisation has gone into Roses preparation and our training camp to St. George’s Park will possibly be called off but, in these circumstances, there’s nothing else anyone can do.

“The union and the university have obviously taken a sensible and effective path into ensuring the safety of ourselves as players and potential spectators. […] There’s always next year for many of our players involved – it’s something that everyone looks forward to all year but, it goes without saying, that I would personally rather be fit and well than risk becoming ill.

“Taking the positives, the Men’s Football First Team now enters its tenth year unbeaten, so we don’t have much to complain about!”

Beth Mapley, Competition Co-Ordinator of LU Dance Society

“We’re obviously all devastated that we won’t get the opportunity to compete together one last time this year. We would have valued our time together more at Lincoln competition last weekend if we would have known it was the last time we’d be performing the numbers.

“It’s especially heart-breaking for our girls who are graduating this year as they won’t be able to receive their heartfelt goodbye after we would have competed in roses. (Though, I have no doubt they’ll be back for some classes!)

“As a society we completely understand and support the Students Union in their decision, as it’s essential to help protect the members of the University, it’s just a shame that our hard work choreographing and practising dances throughout the year won’t be displayed to our fellow students and help prove that roses really are red!”

Alex Rolph, Men’s first team, Badminton

“I was really excited about it, we had a good chance to win it, as well. It’s understandable that it’s cancelled as people’s health is important but that doesn’t take away the disappointment.”

Jess Aslam, President of LU Pole Fitness Society

“We are extremely sad that it won’t be going ahead because a lot of our members have been working really hard on choreographing routines and coming up with ideas for performances. For pole, a lot of our members happen to be leaving this year, so they won’t have a chance to compete against York one last time.

“That said, we understand that it is necessary to be careful and prevent the potential spread of disease – it’s better to be safe than sorry!”

Kiera Langley, Women’s Third Team, Hockey

“It’s disappointing because everyone’s been looking forward to it all season and it’s always bigged up to be a great social event by people in the older years. I know for the people in their final years they’re extremely disappointed not to finish their time at uni with it because, for them, their hockey teams have become a second family.

“We all understand the situation and expected it. There’s no one at fault and I think, at this point, everyone realises that’s it’s the most sensible thing to do when there’s so many vulnerable people in society. So, I’m not that gutted because I know it’s necessary and we kind of saw it coming but it’s still a shame.”

Lancaster Roses Cheerleading Society exec

“Lancaster Roses are absolutely heartbroken that [Roses Varsity event] has been cancelled; many squad members never having had a home Roses, the possibility of full teams not being able to make our last comp, cutting our season short and not having the chance for the whole society to go to comp together has been gutting.

“Roses would have been the best experience for all our members, to see everyone’s routines and cheer each other on and we were so hoping it was going to go ahead. Obviously, we understand circumstances are tough but we are devastated.”

There has been no more said on the future of Roses 2020, whether it will be rearranged to Autumn or postponed until May 2021 where it was due to be held in York, but it’s clear the Lancaster students are heartbroken by the news.