We spoke to Lancs students about their field trips being cancelled

‘I don’t know if I’ll even get my money back!’

Lancaster students have already been disrupted by Coronavirus in the past week, with face-to-face teaching being suspendedRoses being cancelled and many students struggling to travel home for Easter. Some students have experienced their field trips, both in the UK and abroad, and sports tours being cancelled by the university, due to travel bans and general worry. For some students this means wondering whether they will be reimbursed by the university, how their assessments will go ahead without the trip in place, and fear of losing credits.

We spoke to Lancaster students about how they’re feeling now that their trips have been cancelled.

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Language and Cultures, France

“I’m mega, mega, mega fuming but nothing can be done about it so I’m not going to cry. It’s just super frustrating because I’ve been looking forward to it for ages.”- Liv, French Studies

“I was super excited for this trip, and heartbroken that it couldn’t go ahead. However, as Europe have closed it’s borders there’s not much the uni can do about that. I’m really hoping to get my money back.”- Anon, French Studies

Geography, New York

“My New York trip was cancelled, and tbh I’m not mad at the lecturers because it’s out of their hands, I just hope the uni gives us our money back because there’s a bit of confusion as to what’s insured by the university, and we are all hoping the coursework to make up for it isn’t too harsh. I wasn’t on the Amazon trip, but I feel much more sorry for the people who were because it’s not a trip you’ll ever be able to recreate unlike New York.”- Grace, Geography

“My New York trip with Geography has been cancelled and I’m gutted. I had a feeling that it would be, and it’s obviously not the lecturers or unis fault. However, I wish there was more clarity on whether we are getting our money back from the uni or not, as currently I don’t know if I’ll even get my money back! If I get my money back I’ll have peace of mind that one day I’ll be able to go to New York on my own accord at least. It’s just scary thinking of the potential financial loss, and what the uni will replace the current assessments with.”- Daisy, Geography

Multiple degrees, Boston and New York

“So basically a couple of departments (mine is marketing) were planning a two week trip to the US. I was really looking forward to it as I’ve wanted to go to Boston for so long and NY is one of the best places I’ve visted!  I was able to get a grant and now because I’m not going with the university I don’t think I’ll get the opportunity to do this again with a grant. Plus we were going to be visiting businesses which would have helped my holisitc understanding of my course. But I understand that it needs to be cancelled due to the legislation in place responding to the epidemic. I understand it’s no ones fault, it’s just as I said, gutting.”- Niamh, Marketing

“It’s the trip they have every year. I was expecting it as the weeks progressed and now I’m just trying to stay healthy. Relieved abut the choice since I can’t possibly think what could have happened if we went.”- Jimmy, Politics and IR

“The trip was meant to be ten days long, starting in Boston and taking a coach to NY, going to Trip adviser for one business trip. There were other groups as well, law, politics. creative writing. I mostly feel sad, but a teensy bit relieved because in the current state of things I’m not sure if I would be ale to get back home at the end of the trip.”- Allie, International Business

Ecology, Spain

“The trip was paid for by the department for ecology students. But some biology or environmental science students paid for the trip and I think the department are still sorting out what to do for refunds.”- Eve, Ecology

Womens’ football tour, Croatia

“Was looking forward to it. Waited for months.” Gemma, women’s football

“It’s always nice to escape uni for the tours, and I’ll miss going away with the girls. It’s such a shame but not much else we can do given the current climate.”- Anon, women’s football

Capital Connections Programme, Manchester and London

“The capital connections programme was supposed to happen in Manchester on the 23rd of March and London on the 1st of April. I had been chosen for the one in London and was going to visit companies like Google, IBM, Deloitte, Bloomberg etc. They had a lot of arrangements in place including travel, accommodation and over night stay. Many of these companies pulled out so it did affect a lot of us and couldn’t proceed with the program. I was depending on it highly as I had bought my tickets from Spain to attend that, but now both my flight tickets and capital connections program got cancelled.” Siddharth, Software Engineering

MBA, Prague

“International business in context module trip in Prague scheduled on Friday has been cancelled. Looking at the situation at hand obviously it’s the best decision at the moment.”- Dave, MBA

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