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A night out in Preston is disgustingly better than Lancs, accept it

Warehouse over Sugar at any given time

Preston. You may have heard people utter its name in dread, or call it by its other name. DePreston. The city certainly looks the part during the day, but at night the Preston nightclubs are the best in the North for students, and way better than a night out in Lancaster at any. given. time.


Starting as we mean to go on, let’s start with objectively Preston’s best club. The Warehouse. Warehouse is absolutely everything you could want in a club. Three floors with different music on each and three bars. Hate the music on level one? Just go up a floor! Hate the music on level two? Go up to level three, then remember just how weird that floor is and immediately come back down.

The Warehouse is famous as an indie/alternative club, it oozes cool. It’s not glam, its not new, but by god is it fun. The walls are plastered with ancient rock posters, the people are weird, the club is too small, too hot and too busy. But the music and atmosphere are some of the best I’ve ever experienced in any club.

If that isn’t enough for you, then have the fact that Joy Division played here once in the 1980’s. Which is kinda cool (right?).

There’s more than two clubs, believe it or not

‘Sugar or Glow?’ this is the question we hear every fucking week. Two choices? In an entire city? It isn’t fun. Well have I got good news about Preston, you’re spoilt for choice! Just to name a few: Switch, Warehouse, Evoque, Blitz (if you’re fucking mental), Baluga, Popworld and Yates’. Of course there’s the 12 Tellers, a Wetherspoons built into an old bank. So you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to nights out. Switch and Warehouse are truly the best clubs, both having good atmospheres, plenty of bar space and a good selection of music.

The density of everything

How a night at Lancs usually works. Predrink, get smashed, meander to the bus stop, spend 15 minutes on the bus, stand in the freezing pissing rain for Sugar to open. Party, then spend another 40 minutes on the bus, going to Sultans, getting home.

But in Preston, its a league made for legends: Go to Spoons, get ruined, stagger across the street to Warehouse, party, stagger back across the street to Mr Joes, get a taxi. Easy!

The takeaways

Look. Let’s get real, Lancs is kinda crap for takeaways. Sure we have Sultans, but Preston has loads of takeaways and tonnes of variety. And they’re all in the middle of town. No wandering back to campus for decent food. It’s all right there. As mentioned previously, Mr Joe’s is literally the best takeaway in the city, the best donner kebab. On Earth.

It’s cheap

Rejoice students. Preston is cheap. The entry to clubs is cheap as are the drinks in them.

 The vivid history

Have you ever seen this gif? Preston.