Which ‘Friday Night Dinner’ character you are based on what you study in Lancs

If you study science, you are deffo Martin

It’s been confirmed that season six of Friday Night Dinner will air this spring. It’s hard to contain our excitement as we patiently wait for more Friday night dinners with the “Bambinos,” inevitably interrupted by Jim to tell Jackie she looks nice and for Martin to take his top off as he’s “bloody boiling.” So with season six around the corner, this got us thinking… Which Friday Night Dinner character are you, based on what you study?

Geography – Jackie 

If you study geography, you care for others and humanity, such as studying how to save lives after natural disasters. You are wanting to make a difference to others’ lives, just like Jackie, as she provides a “lovely bit of squirrel” for her family every Friday. Jackie always tries to make everything peaceful and resolves issues, just like when studying human geography. So if you are studying geography at Lancs uni, then you are definitely just like Jackie, it’s a fact.

 Science – Martin

Have you ever had a fox in your freezer, complimented a meal by comparing it to a squirrel or stashed away a lifetime of science magazines? If you study science at Lancs, then you’re more likely to relate to Martin and his weird and bizarre hobbies and habits than any other student. You may not eat out of  bin or keep out of date meat in a tin like Martin, but you are definitely on the same vibe.

English and creative writing – Adam

Adam’s supposedly very creative and works in music, evidenced by the time everyone sat in the car waiting for his jingle to play as none of the radios worked in the house. He believes he’s the most creative and well-spoken character out of them all, so if you study any type of English degree at Lancs uni, may that be English language, linguistics, literature or creative writing, then you’ll relate to Adam the most.

Marketing – Jonny

Jonny isn’t the most studious, but he has a great job. Working in marketing and sales, he isn’t doing too bad for himself. If you study marketing, then you are most like Jonny in terms of his career, but it’s likely that you’re also a nightmare to live with. With charisma and humour, Jonny is the goofiest character of them all, but being compared to Jonny should be taken as a compliment as you don’t take yourself too seriously and just want to have fun.

Religious Studies – Jim

“Shalom!” Jim is definitely the most iconic character on the show. He is persistent in turning up to the Goodman’s house every Friday night, hoping to be invited in for dinner. That time he was welcomed inside for dinner, he wanted to fit in with the Jewish tradition so he cut into his shirt to make a Jewish cap. Jim’s intrigue into the Jewish religion shows his passion for the subject. So if you study religious studies, you are most like Jim as he sat at dinner with a hole in his shirt just to experience the culture of another way of living… by eating a “real Jewish dinner.”

 Art/ Design – Nice Grandma

Nice Grandma is always criticising Jackie’s hair, her new “yellow” curtains and her food. If you study art or design at uni then you probably have the same tendencies as Nelly and are very opinionated about how things look.

History – Horrible Grandma

Horrible Grandma is ancient, she is history in herself. Let’s face it, she is pretty boring. Jackie is always asking Martin “When will your mother die?” So you study History, you my not be boring, however you probably aren’t the life of the party. If you talk about history in a social situation, everyone in the room will most likely nod their heads until you have finished talking. Put it this way, Horrible Grandma isn’t a main character, if you study history let’s hope that isn’t your only personally trait as it gets old pretty quickly.

Maths – Mr Morris

Mr Morris is one with the numbers. “Guess how many heart attacks I’ve had?” It’s not one, it’s definitely not one million, but three, “three heart attacks!” Not everyone who studies maths has an aggressive nature, however they sure try to get numbers into every conversation. Mr Morris had no idea about angles as he couldn’t park his car straight, nearly crashing into the house, however if you study maths you are probably so academic that you don’t have space for common sense. Your social skills aren’t the best.

Drama and Theatre – Auntie Val

Auntie Val is the most dramatic character on Friday Night Dinner. She is always breaking down into tears and putting on a show, like when her dress was thrown on the fire or when she was caught having an affair. If you study drama at uni then you too probably have a flamboyant and theatrical personality just like Val.