Lancs pharmacies have sold out of hand sanitiser due to coronavirus panic buying

Both Lancaster Uni pharmacy and Lloyd’s pharmacy have sold out

Lancaster pharmacies, Lancaster University pharmacy and Lloyd’s Pharmacy outpatients, have sold out of hand sanitiser due to coronavirus panic buying.

One student, who had visited Lloyd’s Pharmacy,  told The Lancaster Tab: “It was completely sold out from what I could tell and there wasn’t much on the shelves. People worried about coronavirus have been absolutely mad lately cleaning hand sanitiser up from pharmacies as if it’s a new concept.

“I think it’s a massive overreaction – I mean, it’s fab that people suddenly care about hygiene but there are so many things that are going to make your life difficult before coronavirus.”

Another student spotted that the Lancaster University pharmacy on campus had also sold out of hand sanitiser. The student stated: “There was a couple of empty shelves behind the counter which seemed a bit odd. But it wasn’t super obvious things were sold out if you weren’t actively looking for hand sanitiser. Like I think there was still soap there, and there was deffo still a full stock of pain & cold and flu meds like Beecham’s & Ibuprofen too.

“It’s just ridiculous because the coronavirus is everywhere now and it’s just a different type of winter flu more or less.”