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Lancs uni release statement supporting Chinese and South/East Asian community

There’s been a recent increase in discrimination

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 Coronavirus, there has been an increase in discriminatory incidents aimed at Chinese and South/East Asian community in Lancaster. It has been recognized that the communities targeted contribute greatly to the Lancaster district, with hundreds of students joining the university from these areas each year. Lancaster District and University leaders have thus issued a joint statement in response to rising hate crime in support of these marginalized communities.

Within the statement the Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster University makes it clear that if racism or discrimination occurs at the university, it should be reported immediately so that the university is able to take action.

As Councillor Dr Erica Lewis states within the statement: "(Lancaster) is stronger for being a diverse and tolerant community." and it is extremely concerning that residents have experienced abuse based on race. As students from these areas may be deeply concerned, and worried for their families at home in China and South/East Asia it is important to support them during this difficult time.

The President of Lancaster University Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Xiaohai 'Tom' Wu, shares the society's response to the statement: "We want to express our sincere and heartfelt appreciation to the Lancaster City Council and the universities for their concerted efforts and support to our community. We hope in this particular time we can stay united, and we firmly believe that by solidarity we will beat the virus and win the battle."