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Lancaster’s Hottest Single winner 2019/20

The results are in!

We have offered you a multitude of lovely singles across campus, and finally the crowd has been diminished to one. It's been a tough race this year as every single one of you are drop dead stunning, but the finals are here and it had to be done.

Lancaster isn't really classed as one of the hottest unis in the country, if anything we're seen as one of the dullest around. It's time to prove them wrong by crowning Lancaster's Hottest Single 2019/20!

The winner is… Llew Charles!

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Llew is a fourth year law student at Lancaster, his Instagram is @llew_ch97. When asked a little about himself he previously said: "I love alcohol, emotional repression and Wales. I've been single for far too long which doesn't really make sense cause my mother always says I'm the handsomest boy in the land. Be the Nessa to my Bryn." Clearly by the way the votes went there's a few willing Nessa's out there.

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We asked Llew to let us know how he's feeling about his win: "Wow I'm so flattered to win this title! Firstly I'd like to thank all those who voted for me (or everyone on lacrosse who voted for me repeatedly). It's nice to know that in my fourth year I've finally accomplished something at Lancaster which means the cost of my masters is now somewhat justified. Not only that but I finally have an accolade to put on my CV besides the level 3 swimming certificate I got in primary school! If someone would like to take me on a date now and love me I'd really appreciate that!"

Good luck next year!

If you didn't make the cut this year, then just know that every Lancs student is hot in their own little way. You have an entire year to persuade your friends to nominate you, or build up the ego to nominate yourself, there's no judgement here. Every single one of our participants were HOT this year, so a huge thank you to everyone who took part and everyone who nominated their friend, crush, or random library stranger for Lancaster's Hottest Single 2019! Over and out.