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I went to Sugar in my pyjamas and I never want to wear jeans to the club again

PJs in the club every week?

Everyone gets tired of deciding what to wear on a night out. Do you hate the fact you have to pull down your skirt every two seconds because it keeps riding up? Jeans so tight you can barely breathe? Say goodbye to little problems like that and save time trying to figure out what to wear by just going out in the comfiest clothes you own – your pyjamas.

Though this may sound like a strange idea if you aren't going as part of a social where everyone else is also in PJs, trust us, nobody actually cares. We went to Sugar in our pyjamas and this is what happened…

Saving time getting ready

No more worrying about what to wear! Save time by not trying on different outfits, and you get to spend more time pre-drinking. There's no planning necessary. If you want to take it a step further, don't bother putting a full face of makeup on and embrace the bare-faced look as you have a carefree night out.

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The comfiest night out ever

Lounging around in your PJs is the best feeling, but being able to drink and dance in the comfort of your pyjamas is on another level entirely. No more faffing around with buttons or itchy tops, going out in your PJs just solves all problems. Could not recommend it enough!

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Nice and warm

We rarely complain about the cold because we're used to having bare arms and legs, but being able to wrap up in long pyjamas is something else. The Sugar queue no longer seemed so bad, as waiting around outside wasn't that much of an issue. Inside the club, we thought it would be too hot, but in reality it wasn't that bad.

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Just because we were in pyjamas, doesn't mean we didn't get any compliments about our outfits. That night many people liked the PJs we were rocking. To be honest, when going out in your PJs, people would probably be jealous of the fact you had the confidence to go out without caring about dressing to impress.

Not everyone realised they were pyjamas

Surprisingly enough, some people didn't even realise we weren't in normal clothes. Someone complimented the trousers and how they matched my top, as if it was a co-ord. It is safe to say we blended in well in Sugar. Either way, it's always dark in the club, so really there's no need to worry about how you look, wearing pyjamas or otherwise.

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We wanted to fall asleep everywhere

The only trouble faced while wearing pyjamas out was the fact that we wanted to fall asleep every time we sat down – it was so comfy! On the Sugarbus from campus to town we could easily have nodded off for a ten minute nap. In Sugar, it was tempting to sit down and fall asleep, but then again… we probably would have been kicked out.

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The biggest pro of all: You can go straight to bed

The biggest advantage of going on a night out in your PJs is not having to get changed when you get home. You can jump straight into bed and go to sleep. From now on we only want to go to the club in pyjamas, as there's nothing more satisfying than not having to care about what to wear and not having to get changed after a night out.

10/10, would recommend. Same again next week?