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You’ve only been on a night out in Lancs if you’ve done these 21 things

VK in each hand and I’m happy

There are always iconic moments of every night out, from a friend falling down the stairs on the bus to dancing on the tables in Sugar. Here is a definitive list of things that make a Lancs night out, and if you haven't experienced all these things, did you really go out?

1. Pres with your mates

The start of the night should always begin with vodka, ring of fire, and shots. Someone will download a drinking game on their phone and "never have I ever" is undoubtedly played. Every time. You know that it'll be a messy night.

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2. One of your mates doesn’t make it out

It's inevitable that not everyone makes it out. There's always that one mate who is lying on the kitchen floor singing Sweet Caroline and is then put to bed.

3. Singing on the bus

Someone will start humming a tune and then everyone bursts into song. It will most likely be a throwback like "Introducing me" from Camp Rock 2 or "Replay" by Iyaz where everyone knows all the lyrics.

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4. Make friends with a bouncer

You're queuing for Sugar, it's cold and probably raining, so you start a convo with one of the bouncers. Soon enough you have made a new friend and they start acknowledging you whenever they see you inside.

5. Use your Purple card to get money off Sugar entry

With a Purple card, which you can buy from the Student's Union, you can get a discount on your Sugar entry, usually £1 off. It's worth the cost of the card if you go to Sugar every week, you'll soon save your money back.

6. Queue fifteen minutes for cloak room

In Lancaster weather, a coat is always a good option, but it means you have to wait longer than the Gregg's queue at the cloak room to get rid of it. Then there's the stress of not losing the ticket.

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7. Buying VKs throughout the night

If you don't have three VKs in hand at any given time, are you really in Sugar? You probably couldn't get drunk from a VK, but they sustain the drunkenness throughout the night. They don't break the bank, so we stan VKs, all the way.

8. Bump into an ex on the dance floor

Nothing is more awkward. You're minding your own business, dancing to Shakira's Hips Don't Lie with your friends and then BAM, there they are. You either spend the rest of the night trying to avoid them or circling around them so they notice you.

9. Using notes on your phone to communicate

You can't hold a conversation in a club without shouting into each other's ears as it's just so LOUD. It's impossible to communicate the fact that you're desperate for the loo, or want to go to the bar. This is where the Notes on your phone come in handy.

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10. You lose all your friends because they’ve just wondered off

One moment you're dancing with your mates, then they spin you around and they're gone! Either they're pulling someone and have gone with them to the bar, or they go off on a stroll by themselves. Great. Fun for me!

11. Seeing a mate from your course

There's always that one person from your course that you never hang out with, but you always see them on a night out. You end up hugging and have a mini catch up before they're dragged away by their friends – then you don't see them again until your next seminar.

12. One of your friends is crying in the loo

Probably the mate who ran off. This may also be the mate who saw their ex ten minutes earlier. There are two options, you either escort them out of the club then getting them home safe, or buy them a drink and try to cheer them up. Either way, your friends come first.

13. You pull a stranger

This is always a great moment, either you have been making eyes at someone you want to get with all night and they finally come over, or they take you by surprise.

14. Dance on the stage in Sugar

It's iconic to dance on the stage in Sugar. It's always packed. You get a good view of the rest of the room and have a great time. As long as you don't fall off the stage, that is.

15. Asking your mates which Sugar bus to get back

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It always gets to that time of the night when you just want to leave the club – all you can think about is food then bed. But you have to work out which Sugar bus to get as everyone wants to go back at different times. As it's so loud, you have to use gestures and sign language to communicate.

16. One of your friends gets kicked out

This is the mate who talks back to the bouncer you made friends with in the queue after they dance on the table or threw a glass on the floor. They're so drunk it's a good excuse to get them home.

17. Get free water from Sultans

If you don't go to Sultans after a night out, was it really worth going out in the first place? The free water is much appreciated. Seeing Sal is always a great way to end a night out.

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18. End up on your friend’s floor

You take your Sultans back to a friend's house then don't have the energy to walk back, so end up sleeping on their floor. In the morning you regret not making the two minute journey to your room as your back feels broken and you didn't even take your makeup off.

19. Don’t remember half the night the next day

Everyone in your flat gathers in the corridor the next morning to discuss last night's antics as there are gaps. Photos are exchanged and you start to regret every decision you made.

20. Lost an item of clothing

Someone always loses something on a night out, from forgetting your coat in the cloakroom, a piece of jewellery or mysteriously losing your left sock.

21. Spend the whole of the next day hungover

It takes about 24 hours to recover from a crazy night out. No one wants to go into the kitchen to see the destruction that was made the previous night. The smell of alcohol makes you want to quit drinking forever.

Have you done all 21 of these things in one night? If you have, congrats, you have had the ultimate night out in Lancs.