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Every Lancs student stereotype you will find on campus

The student who always asks questions in lectures, get a life x

There are many different types of students at Lancs uni. From the 'sporty' to the 'sleepy', you will fit nicely into a Lancs student stereotype. Some of these types of students are easily spotted, you just have to walk past a stumbling hungover student in the Spine to know that they are a 'party' student and went out last night. Here is a definite list of the different student stereotypes on Lancs campus.

The Sporty student

You can usually spot this student rather clearly. Boy or girl, they will be wearing their sports hoodie everywhere they go with their name and sport sown on the back. This kind of student has joined all the possible college sports teams they can. From football to rugby, they throw themselves into any sport possible. They will have probably joined a new sport team this term, maybe lacrosse, to challenge themselves even further.

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When this student isn't playing sport, they are running to the gym between lectures. Gottastay fit! This student will dedicate their life to sport, so don't always count on them coming on the night out, they may have a match or be on a drinking ban. But don't worry, you will catch them at every single sports social.

The student who is vocal in lectures

The student who is vocal in lectures raises their hand at the most inconvenient time to ask a question. They answer all the questions from the lecturer, even when it's supposed to be rhetorical, and sometimes even stay back at the end to ask the rest of the questions they had from the lecture.

It is usually one or two specific students in every lecture. Everyone notices their hand has been raised and sighs as the lecturer picks on them to speak. Save your questions until the end, please!

The Medic

Everyone knows someone who is a medic. One of their personality traits is telling everyone they meet that they study medicine. Without meaning to, they often make everyone else feel as if their degree is inferior. They either brag or complain about how difficult their course is.

If someone has an accident in pres, the medic will run to their room to find their first aid kit, insisting that its way more than a cut and you do need a bandage. At least they care.

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The Artsy student

This kind of student studies either art, theatre, creative writing or film. They like people to know how creative they are, either by posting their artwork on social media, or they're walking around alex square with a camera filming anyone who walks past, "beauty, is in the ordinary" they will say, as they tell you about their next creative project due at the end of term. They most likely have a YouTube channel or run a blog which is posted in the bio of their Instagram.

The party student

On every night out you will see someone you recognise but don't know personally, because you see them out all the time, because they go out ALL THE TIME. Even if it's a Tuesday night, that doesn't matter, they'll find an excuse to go out. The party student dedicates their uni life to going out, Sugar one night, GLOW the next, then repeat! Despite their consistent attendence at both Sugar and GLOW, they will not hesitate to tell you at least seven times at pres, that "Daltons is just better than Sugar. It's got more of a party scene". Nobody knows what this means, neither do they.

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As they go out all the time, they spend the night partying and day hungover. You would never see a party student in a nine am, that is because they got back at six am and will hibernate for the rest of the day until it reaches an acceptable time to drink again. But then again, anytime is an acceptable time to drink for a party student.

The student with all of the pastel highlighters

They are in every single one of their lectures, even the non-compulsory one's. Have to get that 100% attendance. They will go to every revision session and aim for the top grades. Across that tiny tiny lecture desk, you will see all eight of their pastel highlighters, ready and prepared to take on the employability lecture in style.

Their attention never diverts from the lecturer, their notes are effective. Seminar reading? Completed it. Further reading? Been there. After sitting next to them for an hour, you leave the lecture wondering what you do with all of your time.

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The late student

You see this student trying to sneak into the lecture always ten minutes late, having to tip-toe down the steps of the lecture theatre to the front as there are no seats left at the back. They either woke up late or had to run from George Fox to Faraday in five minutes as their last lecture overran. But it's not just lecturers, this student will be late for everything, from seminars to social events, they never arrive on time.

Overtime it becomes a personality trait and everyone just knows them as 'the student who is always late.' You just have to own it. We all know you are trying your best.

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The TIRED student

Are you always falling asleep in lectures? These students usually sit at the back and nod off any chance they get. They will try to sleep in lectures, the library and the bus. At this point in the year they don't ask anyone to wake them up because they need the sleep.

Which type of student are you?