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Which Love Islander is your college?

Hope I’m not Callum x

Love Island have really spoiled us with this two seasons a year lark. There is definitely nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa, cup of tea in hand, watching Winter Love Island, crying about how you’re not tanned, muscular or even half as annoying as this years contestants. Although a Lancs student in Winter doesn’t exactly resemble a Love Island contestant, have you ever wondered which Love Island contestant your college would be?

Each college has a personality, or lack of, just like the Love Islanders this year. It is obviously the biggest question on people’s lips around campus. Which Love Islander is your college?

Bowland: Leanne

Like Leanne, Bowland has been about for a long time but no-ones really too bothered about their existence. Bowland is fundamental to the unis functioning purely because of it’s age, but like Leanne it needs to be there but doesn’t necessarily do much for the show. Leanne is okay but bland, and so is Bowland.

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Cartmel: Ollie

Does anyone remember Ollie? Does anyone remember Cartmel exists? Does anyone see a correlation between the answers to those two questions. It is also synonymous that Ollie was the villas resident rich kid, and Cartmel’s accommodation is entirely suprerior en suite. Ollie left the Love Island villa extremely early, because he decided he was still in love with his ex. If the colleges were to do a Love Island, Cartmel wouldn’t last very long either.

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County: Sophie

Sophie is okay, she has her ups and downs but she’s just consistently alright. County is appealing before you get there, townhouse accommodation, nice little atmosphere, looking good, but then you get there and it isn’t all it cracks out to be. People had there hopes up for Sophie at the beginning, but like County townhouses, she came with a little bit too much drama, and at the end of the day she is quite irritating.

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Fylde: Finn

Fylde isn’t quite Grizedale but it’s definitely good enough to be up there with them and associate with them. Finn is a bit of a lads lad, into his sports and rugby, and that’s just synonymous with Fylde’s image. He wouldn’t look amiss, Strongbow in hand, cheeseburger on plate, watching the Six Nations in Fylde Bar. Finn would basically slot right into this college. Fylde is solid in the grand scheme of things.

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Furness: Wallace

Furness is an entirely harmless college, mainly because no-one knows where they actually are or what they do. Okay, so Wallace is pretty new, but even Siannise wasn’t too sure what the deal was with him. He gets very minimal air time, like Furness in Lancaster gossip, and he just isn’t all that exciting. There’s certainly nothing physically wrong with him, just like Furness accommodation, but he doesn’t really have a personality, or a story line, he’s just kind of there.

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Grizedale: Paige

Grizedale is just good, like really good, like not a single complaint good. Paige may not be the most featured member of the Love Island cast but she has the personality, the looks, the man, the banter, just like Grizedale Bar she has it all. If Paige was a drink she would definitely be a cocktail, not an expensive one, definitely a 2-4-1 cocktail, coincidence much? Hoping Grizedale do a meet and greet with Paige at their bar, Extrav idea anyone?

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Lonsdale: Rebecca

You just think you’re all that but at the end of the day, you’re not. Like Rebecca, you march onto the scene with all this confidence and show, but when you level off there’s nothing much there. Alright, she is much more attractive than your bar, but the level to which her presence is disappointing is very similar. Lonsdale, you’re not big or clever, no one really cares.

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Pendle: Siannise

Pendle is a funny one isn’t it. A bit like Siannise. At first no one really clicks with Pendle, it takes a while for it to grow on people, and it’s often second, third, or fourth best. Pendle, like Siannise, undeniably has a personality and presence on campus, but for some reason it’s not just everyone’s cup of tea. Siannise is likable on the whole, but nobody’s number one favourite.

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