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LUSU fails to fill Student Trustee roles

Promised trustee roles left unfilled

Student Union

LUSU's Executive Committee has rejected two applications for Student Trustee roles. It is understood that they were rejected on the principle that the positions will be elected in the future, following the democratisation motion brought at the AGM.

Student Trustee and Politics PhD student Jenna Highham resigned from the Lancaster University Students' Union Trustee Board, leaving just one appointed Student Trustee on the Union's Executive Committee.

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The motion called for the "democratisation" of the Union. However, this seems uncertain following the Executive's decision to bring in an external consultant to review the Articles of Association rather than the "constitutional convention" outlined within the motion, which called for "radically democratising the every aspect of the union."

How LUSU will enact the democratisation reforms that were called for at the AGM remains uncertain at this time.