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Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2019: The final

Time to crown the champion

We've finally made it! It's time for the much anticipated final of Lancaster's Hottest Single. We have been given a lovely spread of Lancaster's best bachelors/bachelorettes, and these hot singles have been narrowed down to the best two.

If you don't know how how this works you must be living under a rock. Simply check out our hottest singles, see what they have to say, and choose who tickles your fancy. Let's find out who's the hottest of the hot! It's time to crown Lancaster's Hottest Single 2019!

Anna Curragh

Anna is a second year medic and her instagram is simply @annacurragh, When asked about herself, Anna responded: "I am a second year medic from Northern Ireland! I play for the university 1st XI hockey team! New to the single life but quickly learning the ropes x"

Her fav chat up line is: "Are you my appendix? I have a gut feeling I should take you out". We stan a degree related chat up line.

When asked how she felt about making it to the finals, Anna answered: "A bit surprised but very happy." People should choose her to be crowned Lancaster's Hottest Single 2019, because: "I have a lit accent to go with my face."

If Anna had to sum herself up in three words they would be: "An absolute catch." Finally, when asked her fav thing to do on a first date, she responded: "Mouth to mouth obvs." Even more reason to vote her as Lancaster's Hottest Single!

Llew Charles

Llew is a fourth year law student, his instagram is @llew_ch97. When asked a little about himself, Luke responded: "I'm a fourth year law student, I love alcohol, emotional repression and Wales. I've been single for far too long which doesn't really make any sense cause my mother always says in the handsomest boy in all the land. Be the Nessa to my Bryn."

When asked his best chatup line, Luke said: "I'm a simple man so no rehearsed lines, I like to hit them with a 'howdy' and then serenade them with my trademark Tom Jones karaoke." Smooth.

Making it to the finals of Lancaster's Hottest single makes Llew feel: " all warm and fuzzy inside", how lovely. When asked why people should crown him the winner, he said: "People should choose me because it'll give me a sense of validation that my parents never gave me".

We asked Luke to sum himself up in just three words, he responded: "Welsh Welsh Welsh." We get the picture. Finally, when asked what his favourite thing to do on a first date is, Luke said: "I wouldn't know, no one's ever agreed to go on one with me before." Now is your time to get Luke a date.

Get voting!

Everyone in this competition has undeniably been a very hot Lancaster single, but there can only be one winner. It is time to cast your vote and nominate Lancaster's Hottest Single 2019. If you didn't make the cut, it's time to work on getting yourself entered next year.