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Seven things to do after you’ve handed in your coursework

Enjoy the sweet sweet freedom

Well done. Surviving the all-nighter isn't easy, no matter how many cups of coffee you inhale. But after so long in the trenches of word counts and references, how are you going to make use of all this free time? Thankfully, we've compiled a handy list to help with rehabilitation into student life.

Video yourself handing it in

Yes, that video. Five seconds of nothing but a piece of paper dissappearing into a locked box; the kind that will be all over people’s stories come deadline day. It may be frivilous but it's something to show for all the effort you put in, so own it.

Go see your friends, they exist!?

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Yes, friends. Remember those? They’re those people you used to hang out with, before life was ruled by coursework. Now would be an excellent time to make sure they’re still alive and, if they are, actually hang out with them. You'll quickly realise how much you missed them.

Celebrate with a trip to the pub

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10/10 – Would quiz again

For those feeling more adventurous, why not head to the pub. It's a little more pricey than drinks at home but it's worth a change of scenery. Pub quizzes are great for those who aren't fussed about drinking and some are completely free to enter. If that’s not your pint of cider, a cheeky trip to Spoons can save the hassle of cooking and make the trip feel like more of an occassion.

Stop skipping your lectures

Coursework is over and it has taken the excuse of bunking off to 'study'(A.K.A ‘procrastinate’) with it . But degrees don't do themselves and with a smaller workload the prospect of sitting and learning isn't the grind it used to be. It's easier to keep focused now there's one less thing to stress about and it is possible you might find the lecture interesting. If not, well at least you tried.

You can go OUT now, Sugar anyone?

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For those who drink, Wednesday nights are back on the table and nothing says 'free from responsibilities' like a round of Jaegerbombs, mediocre music and bad decisions. Killing two birds with one stone, Sugar is the place to run into people who you haven't seen while you've been busy. So what better way to celebrate than to get on the sesh?

Get back to your society, they missed you

When life gets busy, societies are the first thing to fall by the wayside. They're fun but non-essential. Well, fun is now the order of the day, so get back down there and indulge in whatever it is you enjoy. And for those yet to join one, societies are always happy to take on new members. It's a great excuse to spend some time indulging in a hobby, whilst feeling productive about it.

Absolutely nothing, without feeling guilty

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Take a day to do absolutely bugger all. Sleep in, watch some netflix, refuse to leave the house. This is the best time to enjoy the smaller things in life that responsibilities robbed you of. Pick a comfy space and enjoy doing all the things that would have been tinged with guilt few days ago. Sure there's reading to do and lectures to attend, but for at least a couple days: freedom.