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Bags 4 life, eating less meat and public transport: How to fight climate change as a Lancs student

We can make a difference x

Australia's on fire, Antarctica is melting and hurricanes are on the rise. These events are direct results of our climate's exponential change for the worst as temperatures increase higher than a rugby boy's ego. There is no time to waste, we need to change our daily habits in order to reduce the chances of animal extinction and save the lives of many vulnerable people.

You may be thinking that one insignificant uni student couldn't possibly help towards this global problem. But if a whole university changed their ways, if every uni student adapted to living a greener life, change will happen. There are many easy and simple ways to help the planet.

Unplug any electrical devices when not in use

It is easy to forget to unplug your computer before you go to bed after spending hours trying to finish an essay due the next day, or you may not realise that having your computer still plugged in, even when you aren't using it, still has an affect.

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Unplugging your electronics saves energy as your TV, phone and laptop will still be consuming small amounts of electricity that soon adds up. That is, unless you are using sustainable energy. If you are, big up to you. We appreciate you.

Hang-dry your clothes

While you probably do this already, as the Circuit driers on campus cost a fortune to use, it is more environmentally friendly to avoid using electric driers when you can hand up your wet clothes to dry.

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Buy a drying stand which you drape your clothes over, small enough to fit in your room. In the long run it will save you money, an added bonus.

Eat less meat

Vegetarians and vegans have the right idea. By eating less meat, less deforestation will be needed for livestock. This will mean less carbon will be pumped into the atmosphere from burning down trees. Also, as cows produce methane, they contribute a rather large percentage towards climate change. Eating less red meat in particular will have the greatest impact, such as beef.

Maybe you don't want to fully drop meat from your diet, maybe Veganuary isn't your thing, however you could gradually reduce your meat consumption by using substitutes and being more conscious about its climate effect.

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Vegan Korean BBQ Skewers

Reduce food waste

Make sure you are only cooking manageable portions, as food waste ends up in landfills which produce methane. Having less waste will mean you won't have to cook as much food which will mean you buy less food, therefore saving you money as well as saving the planet.

You can also recycle your food packaging by rinsing your tins and cans then putting them in recycling bins. Compost heaps are another way for you to sustainably dispose food waste.

Public transport

This may seem an obvious one as it is unlikely that most uni students have a car due to the cost of running one and parking restrictions. But it is important that we reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Therefore we should use public transport as much as we can.

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It may be a pain being on the 100 bus as it drags longer than a Friday lecture, however you could just wait until the 1 A, ride a bike or walk.

Bags 4 life

Say goodbye to one use plastic bags and get yourself a bag 4 life. Take it with you whenever you know you are going shopping. This will reduce the production of plastic and the disposal of it too.

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If you shop in Sainsburys in Lancs, the Bags 4 Life are only 60p. They won't disappoint.

All in all, the changes we can make are minute and will hardly effect our daily lives. But the overall outcome will make a massive difference. So go out and try that substitute meat because you never know, it may taste even better.