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Which Peep Show character is your college?

Four naans, Bowland? That’s insane

The colleges here in Lancaster are all unique in their own way, so it makes sense that each college should be personified by an equally-as-unique Peep Show character.

Exclusively using stereotypes, here's which Peep Show characters your college is. It's just a shame they can't all be Superhans – chance would be a fine thing.

Bowland – Jeremy

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First on the list is a college that's just a bit rough around the edges. Much like Jeremy, Bowland has its flaws – whether it's the notorious lecture theatre or the questionable accommodation. When you think of Bowland, ideas of instability and shoddiness spring to mind. However, much like Jeremy, despite all the flaws, there is a soft spot for Bowland – its flaws are charming and you can't help but like them.

Cartmel – Big Suze

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The comparison of Cartmel to Big Suze just makes sense. Cartmel is just a bit separated from everyone else, their fancy buildings and accommodation gives them a lavish image – much like Big Suze. There's nothing obvious about Cartmel that gives them this distinction but something just makes them seem better. You could probably find a fair few students in the college that speak like her too. On the whole though, fairly irrelevant overall.

County – Big Mad Andy

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Probably the easiest comparison to make is that of County and Big Mad Andy. County is the biggest college (they don't let you forget that) and its students do have a reputation for madness – not in a good way. It's quite easy to picture someone from County threatening to drink a can of paint. Volatile and large, nothing sums up County better.

Furness – Mark

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Like Mark, Furness is the most vanilla college. Sitting in a central position, both geographically and emotionally. Furness is the college likely to suggest the sensible option. However, there is a hint of instability in Furness as if all of its calmness is simply a facade, hiding the anger that's brewing until one wrong move sets them off. Best not forget the turkey at their Christmas party.

Fylde – Johnson

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As the stereotypically sporty college, Fylde just seems to have everything sorted in life. Work doesn't slow them down and they are emotionally devoid. Like Johnson, nothing annoys someone from Fylde more than laziness, it's always full throttle without respite. It wouldn't be surprising if it was revealed that everyone from Fylde was inhabited by robots to be honest.

Graduate – Jeff

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Similar to Jeff, Grad just think they're better than everyone else. With their PhD and MA students, they look down upon the other colleges and their undergrads. As you have when watching Jeff, you've probably envisioned telling someone from Grad to shut up about their thesis. Though you have to hand it to Grad/Jeff, they really don't care about your opinion.

Grizedale – Superhans

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As the supposed "best" college for parties and nightlife, Grizedale is the personification of Superhans – maybe with less drugs. Maybe. Like Superhans, Grizedale students are the ones you would want to invite on a night out or to a party. Though, after a while you would probably be having to practically throw them out of your accommodation. Sometimes it really does seem like the bottom half of Grizedale is on fire.

Lonsdale – Dobby

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Lonsdale is the college that inherently does nothing wrong (because they do nothing, tbf), yet there's something dislikable about it. Mildly free-spirited but mostly tame, Lonsdale shares many traits with Dobby. Possibly due to location or possibly because you don't ever meet anyone from there, Lonsdale does not often cross your mind. Does that bother us? Probably not.

Pendle – Sophie

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Finishing up the comparisons is Pendle, who can only be compared to Sophie. As a college that starts off reasonably normal when you first come into contact with them; flaws and oddities just keep occurring the more people from there you talk to. Like Sophie, Pendle and its students appear as though they're always on an emotional rollercoaster, switching from extreme highs to rock bottom. But then again, aren't we all?

So there you have it, and if you're not happy with which character your college is, then you'll have The Tab Lancaster thinking "Are we the baddies?"