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The best study spaces in Lancs: A detailed scientific investigation

Get ur study on x


2020, a new year, a new term. A new me? Some of us promised ourselves to be productive and study more, some of us swore to actually turn up to lectures. Your new year's resolution might have been to actually do your required reading, but where to go? We got you.

The library

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Exam time, definitely NOT losing it

Ah, a classic choice. The library, unsurprisingly, is the most packed space on campus during daytime, it's nearly impossible to find free spaces, especially if you're with your mates – in which case… why are you heading to the library?

The obvious pro of the library is that it has two silent floors; no one will lean across your desk giving you the deets about their night out. You will be undisturbed, the perfect place to get your study on.

The library has different types of study spaces to suit everyone’s tastes, and the study pods are ideal for quiet group project work. It's just a shame that the study pods are usually all booked in advance and only available at the times when you do not need them. No, I do not want a study pod for 12am, but I do need sleep.

Our advice? Get there for 2am, and you should have your pick of the study spots. We got you xoxo

Study vibes: 9/10

Productivity: 8/10

Learning zone

The learning zone is more of an understated study space on campus. It's right next to the Students' Union, and Greggs is only a short walk away, waiting there for your mid-study scran. But those northern lights that shine from Greggs do get distracting. You can't focus because you're regularly thinking of that steak bake. Or vegan sausage roll, you do you, no judgements here.

Pro tip: aim to get there before or after lunchtime – if people are working during their lunch break, they're working in the LZ. Get there before they do, at all costs.

Study vibes: 7/10

Productivity: 7/10

Campus bars

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Yes bars on campus are not there only to get absolutely wasted whilst playing pool, they actually come in handy when the library is packed. They have the same working atmosphere as coffee shops, but not as loud and busy – mainly because it's just you and the daytime drinkers in the college bars at 1pm.

Study vibes: 4/10

Productivity: 6/10

College study rooms

Each college has a dedicated study room – it's news to us, too. Usually it's fairly quiet, and not rammed with people; likely because most people don't know they exist. In Furness, the kitchen is right next door so it's super convenient if you get hungry, or just wanted to fuel the ever-decreasing energy with a cup of coffee.

Study vibes: 10/10

Productivity: 9/10

Coffee spots

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The Herbarium

Coffee spots, or as the population at large knows them: cafes. If you find a great cafe, then you can easily sit down with your laptop, bash out another 1,500 words on that essay, and still ask for another cup of coffee. There are some great spots around Lancaster, like The Herbarium, or Capuvino – just find the one that suits you. You tend to be away from other students who are stressing out, and they're easy to chill out in. If you don't want to stress yourself out, and you want somewhere comfy to work, then maybe a coffee spot is the one for you.

Study vibes: 6/10

Productivity: 9/10