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Every person you’ll see in the Lancs gym in January

New year new you, boo

Starting a new year is like having a clean slate. What a perfect opportunity to try something new, like going to the gym. Everyone makes new years resolutions, like dry January, or Veganuary, but no one really sticks to them.

Everyone wants to go to the gym at least once in their life, and here are those who you will deffo see in Lancs gym, come rain or shine this January.

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Mince pie term is over, gym term is here

The #Gymislovegymislife person

These are the ones who basically live at the gym. They might even bring an overnight bag, sleep outside when the gym closes until it reopens again and be the first ones in. Gym is their excuse for everything: "Sorry I was at the gym," "not out tonight, going gym," "not started my essay yet, I was at the gym." It shouldn't (and doesn't, hun) count as a personality. We get it, so stop shaking those protein drinks in our faces and go eat something solid for once, jeez.

The 'Christmas is over, time to work on my summer bod' person

Please don't tell us you were worrying about what you ate over Christmas because you're working on your summer body. Seriously? Summer body this early? At least try and do it the night before like you do all of work. Christmas is about enjoying all the food and not caring about your body. Leave that for the future you in January. So pack it in, and eat your body weight in Toblerone like the rest of us have done.

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The 'Insta is everything' person

We see you. You who pose in front of the mirror with the caption "gym time" and once that's up, you get the next bus to Maccies. These are also the people who stand on a treadmill (that isn't even on) and with a boomerang, fooling all of your followers (90 per cent of whom don't give a shit about your workout). Honestly that's the level of cba we aspire to be, so creds to you.

The 'I'll be in the weight room, because using machines just isn't enough' person

We get it. We could smell the testosterone waaaay before we could see you, but don't worry, we won't be interrupting your gorilla-like grunting as you work on those oversized forearms, making you not just sound like a gorilla, but actually starting to look like one. And for Christ's sake, wipe the seats once you're done – is that too much to ask?!

The 'Gym is the best place to pull, right?' person

No. It's a gym, not a place to meet all of your Tinder matches with the hope that when you flex they'll get turned on. If you think sweat, exhaustion and feeling flustered will help you find the one in the gym, then go for it.

The one who doesn't know what they're doing

Aka us if we ever went to the gym lol. These are the ones who spend like five minutes on a machine and then give up because they have no idea how to work it. Or they've ended up breaking it, so they just walk away, walk out of the gym and pretend like nothing has happened and go on to live a very happy, non-gym related life. Relatable content.

So, if you do decide to go to Lancs gym, rather than staying in bed and watching insta stories, those are the types of people you will deffo meet. And if you haven't spotted any of these types of people, then heads up: you're one of them x